21 Apr 2016

The 6 habits of a Happy Empath

Imagine a world where every time we have a problem, or are going through a rough time, instead of being isolated, we would have people surrounding us knowing exactly what is going to make us feel better.

Imagine when we go through a good time, or good fortune, and those around us would not be jealous, but would be genuinely happy for us.

Imagine a place that wherever you go, people only give Love, Peace, and Joy. What a wonderful life would that be!

It is the role of the Empath to give Empathy and Love to those who need it. It is the duty of the Empath to learn and educate others, just in the same way as the loving mentor educated the child in the example given in the previous post. This will make the world just described a reality.

And here are the 6 habits that make a Happy Empath, who can live normally, socialize, and get out of the house:

1.      Time-out is OK!

I don’t personally believe that shutting off is a permanent solution. As stated in a previous post, shutting off the world is counterproductive as it makes us deny who we are, and the essence of our Soul and personality.

However, taking time out is ok. We all need to be given the chance to recharge every so often. “Me” time, and protection are a good way to achieve this when it all gets a little too much.

A great way to enjoy a break from external emotions was discussed here in a previous post available by clicking here.

2.      Know your emotions

This allows to clearly identify among what we feel, which are, and which aren't our emotions. This doesn't stop us feeling other people emotions, but it puts them into perspective

There is an article on this blog available at this link about this, so we will skip to the next step

3.      Embrace emotions

We were given intellect and heart for a reason. They are not in conflict. They complement each other.

Mustering each emotion is a thrilling, and fulfilling task. It amounts to sucking the marrow out of life.

Allow each emotion to fill you. Scan it. Analyse it. Dissect it. FEEL IT! And very importantly, learn what offsets it, what makes it better, what makes you learn, how it makes you grow, and how it remains part of you.

Once we overcome a difficulty, whether it is emotional or otherwise, we tend to put that difficulty into perspective, and seeing it as less daunting or overwhelming.

4.      Raise Your vibration.

This is achieved in many ways, including meditation, living by spiritual principles, and having a closer relationship with our Guides, Creative work also helps, as does being around happy people (even a good comedy show can help). This link from a previous posts give tips on how to start the day with a positive vibration

Remember that we are Souls trekking on the long road to eternity for whom a lifetime is an amusing county fayre, a welcoming B&B, or a holiday resort. Our Souls are always Happy, basking in Love, Peace and Joy. The higher our vibration, the closer we will be to this natural state of being.

5.      Send Healing and Love

Sometimes, we may be able to spend a while with a person who is feeling “down”. Doing this will sooth them, and help the healing process. Our Love, Empathy and Understanding will be appreciated and very helpful.

Other times we may be unable to do so. We may pick up sadness and low vibrations from passers-by, from strangers, from people who are far away. In this cases, we can send them healing. We are all healers to some extent, all we have to do is say: Thank You Universe (God/Source/Divine Spirit/Whatever you call It) for healing the person who has these feeling; Give them Love, Peace, and Joy.

6.      Educate

The Empath must also educate others. Everyone is capable of empathy. Everyone will need empathy at some point. If everyone were capable of offering Empathy, and the Love that people need to overcome their difficulties, we would be living in a better world.

We can teach by example. When others see Empaths giving them Love and Joy, they will tend to do the same. They will be naturally drawn to develop their empathic abilities.

We can also share our knowledge and experience. Help people reflect on their emotions in the same we would with a child.


A better world is at hand, and we can help create it.

The Divine Gift of Empathy is a great ability to make a positive and long lasting contribution to the spiritual development humanity.

As Empaths, we can give not just Love, but the Empathy needed by those who are going through negative experiences to overcome them. We can also share in the joy of those are experiencing positive times.

All we need to do, is break through the initial trauma and difficulty of being overwhelmed.

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