19 Apr 2016

My Spirituality

The beauty of the swan

Raised by a devout Catholic family, it wasn’t long before I questioned Christian Teachings, and Catholic attitudes.

I was always surprised at the violence, intolerance, and vengefulness of the god of the old testament. When compared to the teachings of Love, Peace, Tolerance, and Charity of Jesus Christ, I could only arrive to the conclusion that the Old Testament is based on the word of a different god.

While the attitude of the Old Testament resonated with my testosterone induced, primordially guided, teenage mentality, the message of Jesus resonated on a much deeper level. My heart and soul approved and felt at peace with this latter message.

When considering this, and taking into account the warning against false prophets, and wolves in sheep clothing, it was a simple process of reasoning that lead me to believe that the different god of the Old Testament was a false god.

Maybe the Anunnaki really did exist. Maybe especially powerful being not of this world who claimed to be gods existed. Quite likely, the reality which we consider to be so in our times is not whole. Our knowledge is lacking, and our awareness is limited. It doesn’t matter.

What really mattered was that I could not accept to be part of a religion that obliges us to use faith to annihilate the power of reason. God gave us intellect; why would He want us not to use it? I clearly could not be part of a religion that imposed such nonsensical teachings.

Therefore, since an early age I begun to consider myself Spiritual, as opposed to religious. I knew there was a Force, and Energy, that beyond our comprehension was in charge of it all. I knew because He talked to me, and I to Him. I knew because I could see the miracle of creation on an hourly basis. I knew of other worlds, as I could travel there, and see them in  my astral travels. I knew and took for granted so many things that most people deny exist.

Long before the advent of Quantum Theory, I knew all the things that this new scientific branch is beginning to explain.

So, I lived with my beliefs, and soon learned not to share them with others to avoid being laughed at, or being labelled as crazy. Eventually, I even learnt to proudly accept this craziness as the ability to understand beyond the capability of others.

More recently, I became aware of Spiritualism. At first I embraced it, feeling it encompassed most of my understanding of the True Reality. I felt that I finally found my Religion and even wrote a post about it.

Yet, this one religion was to let me down as much as Christianity did. I still found ego-filled promoters that looked down on others and believed themselves better than most for their alleged enlightenment. I found rules and beliefs that defied my intellect and my own God given knowledge.

So, with the help of my Guides, of the Divine Spirit, and of my Soul, I have gone back to being Spiritual.

Jesus is my role model. My ancestors are my family and protectors in Spirit. Higher Spirits are my teachers and mentors. The Divine Spirit is the source of my Inspiration. My Soul is my Spiritual ear. And as I go forward, step by step, in my unique Spiritual journey, from enlightenment to enlightenment, from epiphany to epiphany, all becomes clearer, and Truth is by my side.

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