24 Mar 2016

Rules For Spirits and Guides

The Moon and Jupiter

In our lives, we all have boundaries.  These are little rules that allow others to be part of our lives, without intruding.  And these allow us to live our own lives, while participating in the lives of others, and while other play a part in ours.  So, we will teach our children to knock at the door before entering our bedrooms or bathrooms, we let our friends know our working hours, we tell our colleagues not to call us beyond a certain time, and so on.

Similarly, those who have strong intuition, gut instinct, or Spidey senses, which are all psychic information or more developed psychic ability, need to have rules. These are conventions that we set to make sure that spirit does not encroach on our non-psychic life. It is important to have a balanced life because those who don't have a good balance are unable to give proper trust or attention to either aspect of their lives.

For example, in my family my husband and kids all have a guide each apart from me having 6 which means there is a minimum of 9.  This does not take into account other guides and spirits who visit from time to time.  Particularly friends and relations of mine and clients who have passed over who come for a chat.

The rules I have set is that no spirits can go upstairs; bedrooms and bathrooms are out of bounds. No spirit can talk to me when I am healing or chatting to anybody.  They can talk to me in the kitchen or sitting room. If an exception needs to be made, they can always talk to me in my head to let me know they need me, so I can tell them when I will be available.

It must be remembered that spirit are like living people (well, they all have been at some stage in their eternal life!).  As living people, they like to be in touch, they have emotions, they like to hang around.  They are also very respectful!  We always have control.  Our guides will help with this. Guides are there to help and be our friends and will never insist or force us to use our psychic abilities.

So, set your own rules, make yourself available, but keep whatever boundaries are necessary to you to enable you to have the life that you need and want to have.

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