27 Mar 2016

Easter message from my Guides

Sunrise, a new beginning

"Firstly, we would like to wish you a Happy and Joyous Easter. We are particularly close to you on this very meaningful and important day. 
Many may argue that there is evidence that Jesus was not crucified, and that he was not the Son of God that many claim Him to be. Many other may protest that there is even little evidence that he existed at all. And many more may present many and varied proposition that Christianity is based on erroneous and invalid principles.
As always, life in the incarnate world can be so complicated when reason prevails over intuition, when the written word gains more importance than the thoughts that are divulged by the Divine Creator, and when the limited scientific knowledge of even the present generation is allowed to determine what is true.
All those complaints are irrelevant. The meaning of Easter is not related to the crucifixion, or to the foundation of the Christian faith, no matter of which denomination.
The message of Easter is one of awareness. Life does not end, it simply transmutes.
Death does not exist, what you call death is simply a passage from one state of being to another. As some have correctly pointed out, the chrysalis is not the tomb of the butterfly, it’s simply its vessel to a new existence in a new body, and a new state of being, with new knowledge, and awareness. 
When a butterfly begins its life, it is a mere caterpillar. It can be called ugly in spite of its divine beauty, it has a limited ability to move, and limited knowledge. It is an existence merely based on survival, crawling among the leaves, eating, and growing. That is the human life, the life in the flesh. Concerned with survival, with earthly matters, not able to see much further than its eyes can expand over the horizon.
The caterpillar, through its innate ability to follow through the natural state of things, accepts it, and faithfully prepares its cocoon at the right time. People are not so lucky. They allow their limited earthly knowledge to obscure their spiritual infinite knowledge, and live in fear of what will be after they will enter the cocoon that is their grave.

Like the caterpillar, the pupa stage is short. For the Soul, this stage is the initial stage in the Spirit World. It is the transition, in which they learn, accept, and understand that life has not come to an end. It is also the stage during which each Soul has an opportunity to assess and review their earthly life. This stage can be as short, or as long, as any Soul needs and desires.
At the end of this stage, we are then ready for our butterfly stage. Where we can fly, we can see much further than ever before, we can understand, appreciate, and enjoy our true existence much more than ever before.
Embrace the meaning of Easter, and be joyful. Enjoy your physical life, as the caterpillar does. Savour what you have, and expect even more in the flavourful and joyful life that is yet to come.
Happy Easter."

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