28 Mar 2016

A light worker’s prayer

Father, Mother God,
How insignificant my words are!
How meaningless my prayers!
I cannot even call You by Your real name
As no human can pronounce
Or even describe You

Fill me with Your Light, as I am empty
These human emotions stunt me,
They stop me from being ME
Anger, resentment, jealousy and many more
Are just a block to my true Self.

Fill me with Your Love, so I can
Know the true meaning of Life.
Make me humble so I can fully
Appreciate my True Nature.
Come close to me and fill me with Your Spirit.

When I feel Your Light shining through me
How I long to always be in Your Grace
How clear I see my Destiny
And my Soul rejoices and shines with You
But then I fall again in this human nature

Give me the strength to be true to how You made Me
Make me see my siblings’ Spiritual Struggle
As I struggle to walk with You
So do they too.
Help me shine Your light like a mirror in the sunlight

Let me help them through their battles
Make me a leader of Souls, so that
I can bring them all to You
And all together we can walk with You
And bask in Your Love.

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