29 Mar 2016



As the light of a new day breaks

A new day, new hope, new life

Start their course in the morning strife

While the moon slowly us forsakes

And my Soul exalts in the thrill

of the vibration of my own goodwill

28 Mar 2016

A light worker’s prayer

Father, Mother God,
How insignificant my words are!
How meaningless my prayers!
I cannot even call You by Your real name
As no human can pronounce
Or even describe You

Fill me with Your Light, as I am empty
These human emotions stunt me,
They stop me from being ME
Anger, resentment, jealousy and many more
Are just a block to my true Self.

Fill me with Your Love, so I can
Know the true meaning of Life.
Make me humble so I can fully
Appreciate my True Nature.
Come close to me and fill me with Your Spirit.

When I feel Your Light shining through me
How I long to always be in Your Grace
How clear I see my Destiny
And my Soul rejoices and shines with You
But then I fall again in this human nature

Give me the strength to be true to how You made Me
Make me see my siblings’ Spiritual Struggle
As I struggle to walk with You
So do they too.
Help me shine Your light like a mirror in the sunlight

Let me help them through their battles
Make me a leader of Souls, so that
I can bring them all to You
And all together we can walk with You
And bask in Your Love.

27 Mar 2016

Easter message from my Guides

Sunrise, a new beginning

"Firstly, we would like to wish you a Happy and Joyous Easter. We are particularly close to you on this very meaningful and important day. 
Many may argue that there is evidence that Jesus was not crucified, and that he was not the Son of God that many claim Him to be. Many other may protest that there is even little evidence that he existed at all. And many more may present many and varied proposition that Christianity is based on erroneous and invalid principles.
As always, life in the incarnate world can be so complicated when reason prevails over intuition, when the written word gains more importance than the thoughts that are divulged by the Divine Creator, and when the limited scientific knowledge of even the present generation is allowed to determine what is true.
All those complaints are irrelevant. The meaning of Easter is not related to the crucifixion, or to the foundation of the Christian faith, no matter of which denomination.
The message of Easter is one of awareness. Life does not end, it simply transmutes.
Death does not exist, what you call death is simply a passage from one state of being to another. As some have correctly pointed out, the chrysalis is not the tomb of the butterfly, it’s simply its vessel to a new existence in a new body, and a new state of being, with new knowledge, and awareness. 
When a butterfly begins its life, it is a mere caterpillar. It can be called ugly in spite of its divine beauty, it has a limited ability to move, and limited knowledge. It is an existence merely based on survival, crawling among the leaves, eating, and growing. That is the human life, the life in the flesh. Concerned with survival, with earthly matters, not able to see much further than its eyes can expand over the horizon.
The caterpillar, through its innate ability to follow through the natural state of things, accepts it, and faithfully prepares its cocoon at the right time. People are not so lucky. They allow their limited earthly knowledge to obscure their spiritual infinite knowledge, and live in fear of what will be after they will enter the cocoon that is their grave.

Like the caterpillar, the pupa stage is short. For the Soul, this stage is the initial stage in the Spirit World. It is the transition, in which they learn, accept, and understand that life has not come to an end. It is also the stage during which each Soul has an opportunity to assess and review their earthly life. This stage can be as short, or as long, as any Soul needs and desires.
At the end of this stage, we are then ready for our butterfly stage. Where we can fly, we can see much further than ever before, we can understand, appreciate, and enjoy our true existence much more than ever before.
Embrace the meaning of Easter, and be joyful. Enjoy your physical life, as the caterpillar does. Savour what you have, and expect even more in the flavourful and joyful life that is yet to come.
Happy Easter."

24 Mar 2016

Rules For Spirits and Guides

The Moon and Jupiter

In our lives, we all have boundaries.  These are little rules that allow others to be part of our lives, without intruding.  And these allow us to live our own lives, while participating in the lives of others, and while other play a part in ours.  So, we will teach our children to knock at the door before entering our bedrooms or bathrooms, we let our friends know our working hours, we tell our colleagues not to call us beyond a certain time, and so on.

Similarly, those who have strong intuition, gut instinct, or Spidey senses, which are all psychic information or more developed psychic ability, need to have rules. These are conventions that we set to make sure that spirit does not encroach on our non-psychic life. It is important to have a balanced life because those who don't have a good balance are unable to give proper trust or attention to either aspect of their lives.

For example, in my family my husband and kids all have a guide each apart from me having 6 which means there is a minimum of 9.  This does not take into account other guides and spirits who visit from time to time.  Particularly friends and relations of mine and clients who have passed over who come for a chat.

The rules I have set is that no spirits can go upstairs; bedrooms and bathrooms are out of bounds. No spirit can talk to me when I am healing or chatting to anybody.  They can talk to me in the kitchen or sitting room. If an exception needs to be made, they can always talk to me in my head to let me know they need me, so I can tell them when I will be available.

It must be remembered that spirit are like living people (well, they all have been at some stage in their eternal life!).  As living people, they like to be in touch, they have emotions, they like to hang around.  They are also very respectful!  We always have control.  Our guides will help with this. Guides are there to help and be our friends and will never insist or force us to use our psychic abilities.

So, set your own rules, make yourself available, but keep whatever boundaries are necessary to you to enable you to have the life that you need and want to have.

16 Mar 2016

Explaining Behaviour : Shopaholics

Hope at the horizon

Anyone who heard the term Retail Therapy knows what I will be referring to in this article.  Those who don’t know the term, may still have experienced the pleasure that is given by treating ourselves buying things for our own use and purpose, particularly if we do not need them.

Most people have indulged in some needless purchasing on occasions.  We may do it if we had a hard day at work, if we are upset about something, if we have had some unusual stressful situation to contend with, and so on. 

People with a balanced and fulfilled emotional life will seldom do this, and thoroughly enjoy it.  There are those, however, who constantly crawl from shop to shop, from website to website, from credit card to credit, to support the need they have to shop.

These are people who feel that nobody is going to reward them, so they reward themselves by buying clothes to make them feel better. They have a hope that if they buy this clothing it will feel and look great, or they spend on some furniture, or kictchen appliances, they will be satisfied.

Unfortunately, the underlying reason for their incessant shopping is that they don't like themselves.  so as soon as they try the clothes on and look in the mirror they don't like what they see so get deflated and sad. They put the clothes in the wardrobe as out of sight is out of mind.

As they put the clothes or accessories away they need to buy wardrobe after wardrobe full of things with their labels on. They are so grateful to have friends that they are always trying to buy them. If a friend says that they like that clothing the shopaholic will immediately ask them to try it on and say that it looks better on you so please have it.

User and manipulator friends will get as much as they can wheedle out of the shopaholic by flattering them. Just see how flattering they would be if they were refused! When the shopaholic suggests a night out the shopaholic pays the bill and says it's their treat.

It takes care and love for these people to heal, and after healing they get their confidence back and I advise them to put a price on each item and have a sale at home. Watch to see what friends come and ask if they can have the item for free " as we are friends" and that will show who are real friends.

From the proceeds from the sale including the wardrobes! they can either pay their credit cards off or give it to charity.