25 Nov 2015

What are the traps of spirituality? Is the mind one of them?

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I was recently asked this question, which made me think quite deeply.

Firstly, I should probably to mention semantics … Trap is a negative term, and I would prefer to call them challenges and stepping stones.  Even if we look at a stepping stone, if the stone is taller than half the length of one’s leg, it already becomes a challenge.  If it is taller than oneself, the trial is even greater.

Something else worth mentioning, is that there are degrees of spirituality.  Not everybody needs to be a monk!

The degree of spirituality we aim for depends on what is the next step we want to take in our Eternal life once we move to the next plane of existence.  The higher the degree of spirituality, the higher the next plane of existence (where higher is in relation to the ethereality of the world of our choice.  It is by no means a physical height as we interpret it in our human existence.  To explain this concept in details would take quite some time, and probably will be a better option to write another post on the subject). 

But technically, if we are able to be happy with life, enjoy the gift of creation that was placed around us, and take the time to feed our soul, that is a sufficient level of spirituality to move forward.  For this basic level of spirituality all is required is kindness, empathy, the belief in the Soul, and some contact with it.

At the other extreme, there is Spirituality (with a capital initial).  In between, there are a myriad of alternative levels equal to the abundance of astral planes available to us on our next step back to the Source.

The higher the level of Spirituality we aim to achieve, the greater the challenges.  There are a few posts on this blog that discuss some of the challenges here, here, here, and here. I am also confident that other related challenges will be discussed in future articles.

The smaller challenges are the ego, kindness, altruism, etc., while the greater challenges are self-denial and solitude.  (in my opinion, others may place these trials on a completely different scale)
It would be impossible for me to make a detailed list of these difficulties in one single post.  It would probably be impossible to list them all in an encyclopaedia.  Each person’s spiritual journey is different, and the tribulations they encounter are the ones they have chosen before they were born in this world.  Each of us makes clear and definite choices long before we are born.  Which also means that the level of spirituality we aim to achieve on the next step of our journey is not something we decide on this plane of existence.  It is a decision we made a long time ago, and which we are now living through.

It is a little like choosing a career.  When we are asked by our parents “what do you want to be when you grow up”, it’s the first step (for many of us) towards the career, the education, the steps we will take from middle-schooling until retirement age, and all that this choice implies.

One thing that should be stressed very emphatically, however, is that our mind is NOT, and NEVER should be a challenge.  The only challenge that the mind poses is to quiet it for long enough to listen.  I’m sure all of us have been told “Listen to the question before you answer”, or “You need to learn to listen”.  We need to be able to listen to the external energies (call it God, the Source, the Soul, the Spirit Guides, the Guardian Angel, whatever, any term will be perfectly acceptable).

Once we have listened, and received the message, however, our mind is very important to understand it, to internalise it, and to help us make decisions that are required, etc. etc.

Because, if we have to shut our mind, we don’t have spirituality, nor Spirituality.  If we have to shut our mind, we have religion.  And, as many have asserted on many occasions, on many posts, articles, answers, debates, and questions, religion is the nemesis of Spiritual Development!

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