23 Nov 2015

The hour of weeping for the world

The hope of infinity

In this post, I am going to share something very personal.  I do not exactly know why, a little voice in my head is telling me to share this information.  Maybe it is because I need some self-healing.  Maybe it is because I would like other people to become more sensitive.  Maybe it is because I would like to raise people’s awareness about the pain the in world.

It does not matter why, in complete honesty, you the reader make of it what you will.

Those who know me see me as a big, strong, butch man. 

Yet, I have a very sensitive soul.  My eyes will swell with tears at the sight of suffering, as much as they will at the sight of an act of kindness.  I am quite proud of this sensitivity of mine, as it is an indication of a strong and mature soul that is willing to live through whatever happens in my life, as well as the lives of other people.  I drink a lot of water, so I am never dehydrated, and I can keep the waterworks functioning whenever the need arises.

Some may have read my post about how I raise my vibration before waking up in the morning, and always start the day with a smile, grateful for the gift of life on this planet once more.

I am very careful of always keeping a positive outlook, always be grateful for what I have, always accept those that cross my path, embracing both their faults and the beautiful aspects of their personalities.

Yet, every morning, at the risk of upsetting this joyful stability, I take an hour to weep for the world.  I try to read as many “bad” news as possible.  About Paris, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Syria, and wherever else people may be suffering.  About the plight of refugees, about children and families at risk or abuse and exploitation.  About the tragic deaths and suffering caused by whatever reason people may decide to inflict pain on their fellow human beings.

As I read these news, and as tears liberally flow down my face, I feel for them.  I feel with them.  I can sense their pain, their agony, their desperation … my eyes get clouded, I wipe them and keep reading.

I strongly believe it is very important that we, the lucky people of this world whose only worry are bills, and whether to eat in one restaurant rather than other at the weekend, need to sensitize ourselves to the suffering of others.  We need to feel at one with those who are actually going through true hardship, fear, disillusion, delusion, and hopelessness.

We need to share our energy with them, send them love, empathy, and caring interest.  It maybe all we can do for them, but at least it is something for our humanity to surface. 

And we need our humanity.  Nobody is happy with the current state of the world.  But until all of us, as a collective, can find our humanity buried deep within us, we will only be victims of a world order that is set up simply to help a few becoming richer and exploiting everyone else in the world.

Our humanity is all we have left that can connect us to the Creator, to the Universal Laws, and to how the status quo should, and could be.

As I am approaching the end of this post, I now know why I am writing it.

Please, take an hour every day to connect with the world, and to weep for the world.  Share in the pain, suffering, and desperation, and wish for a better world. 

If we can all do that, change might just be around the corner!

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