10 Nov 2015

Removing other people's bad emotion from ourselves

 We all have the gift of empathy, to a greater or lesser degree.

Empathy is what enables us to be good human beings, it empowers us to understand what others are going through, and it facilitates us in helping those around us who are burdened by grief, sorrow, pain, and desolation.

Empathy is not just about negative emotions.  The say "laugh is contagious" is a clear example of this.  When we see someone happy, having a good time, and overall being joyful, that can spread, and we can bask in those sentiments.

However, at times, our empathy may pick up negative emotions from those around us.  It may be from a friend, or loved one, or it may be from a stranger we pass on the street.  It may even be from watching the news, or a documentary ... emotions float in the air, and we just pick them up.

In a previous post we already mentioned about how self-awareness can help us in identifying feelings that are not our own.

We may feel something that does not fit in with our daily experience, or something that is out of character, something that we have no reason to feel.

Identifying that the emotion is not our own is an important step in counteracting negative sentiments that we have just picked up.  However, sometime that may not be enough to shed it.

Watch this very short video for a practical, and extremely effective exercise to help you discharge anything that is not yours.  If it doesn't work fully the first time, simply repeat the exercise a few times.  If you go through situations where you are constantly subjected to other people negative emotions, simply repeat a few times a day.

We hope this will help you, share your comments below ...

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