19 Nov 2015

Raise your vibration and start the day with a smile

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

There are an infinite number of reasons why we may start our day in a bad mood. 

At the time of our waking up we spend some time in a slight haze, with our mind floating between a sleep and an awaken state.  Our mind and souls are suspended between two worlds.  The world of dreams (the astral plane), and the universe of our current reality (the physical plane)

It is at this time that all kind of thoughts start hitting us, and some may be like a slap in the face.  The demanding boss, the annoying colleague, the kids’ breakfast, traffic on the way to work, and a million other thoughts start orbiting our not yet conscious mind.

As we struggle to enjoy the last five more minutes of sleep, these thoughts weigh really heavily, and can make us start the day in the most horrible and unpleasant way.

So, here is a little exercise that helps me every morning in waking up vibrating nicely, and with a positive smile on my sleepy face.

While you are still suspended between the two worlds, and your eyes refuse to open chasing the tail end of the dream you were just having, simply say to yourself:
“Thank you Universe for this new Day.  Today is going to be a great Day!”

If you are religious too, say a prayer of thanks.  Don’t occupy your mind with prayers and thought requesting, or demanding anything.  Just simple thanks.

Repeat it a few time, as necessary.

The effects of this, are staggeringly beautiful … leave a comment to share your experience.

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