12 Oct 2015

The dark side

Full moon in sagittarius

As I was reading an interesting, albeit bleak, article the other day about the dark forces trying to take over the world (see The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/12/25/inter-dimensional-entities-behind-dark-agenda-thats-taking-world-2/), I thought it is important to touch on the subject on this website, which is primarily concerned with Spiritual development.

We cannot fail to notice these dark forces at work in our daily lives. Wars, corruption, abuse, hunger, pain, suffering, and despair are plain for all to see; and we may at times experience the brunt of evil ourselves.

This subject was already touched upon in a previous article (see http://www.spiritualsoul.xyz/2015/06/the-struggle-of-spiritual-soul.html). It is probably a subject worth delving deeper into, but in this specific post, I wanted to mention the effects, and perils, that these dark forces have in their spiritual form, rather than in the human form.

Once we set forth on our Spiritual journey, we will reach a point where our soul will prevail over our minds, and we will start walking the path of righteousness, for lack of a less intimidating word.

As we reach this stage, we will be fairly safe from the negative effects of dark, or evil if we want to call them so, spirits. Thanks to the law of attraction, when our light shines brightly, we will only attract spirits that dwell in the light too, and we will repel anything that doesn’t vibrate at a similar or higher frequency than that of our soul.

Personally, I have always believed that, unless one has a specific calling to deal, and fight, with dark spirits, we do not need concern ourselves with them. The light of our soul is sufficient to break the darkness, and it is a great contribution in the fight of good versus evil. The brighter the light that shines in the darker realms, the more the dark entities will be attracted to the light.

However, it is exactly when we cross this line in our Spiritual development that we will attract the interest of the darker spirits. As they see us shining bright, they will become concerned about the loss of darkness in their planes of existence, and about the reduction in their numbers, caused by any new powerful beam of light.

They can’t really touch us, or our souls, while we shine brightly, so they will use different tactics, and I would like to share my experiences, hoping that it may help others recognise the signs, and counteract their effects.

To explain this, I will first touch on where the light comes from. The light certainly comes from within, from our souls. It is like a powerful torch, a beam that envelops and surround us, and brightens the way on our spiritual path. However, like all torches, it does need to be charged. The more often it is charged, the brighter it shines.

The way we charge it is by connecting to the Life Force, to the Source, or as some may call it, to God. We can feel when we are connected as an energy that comes, or a light than aims directly, to the top of our skull, known to many as the crown chakra. We can feel when we are connected to it as a tingling at the top of our cranium, or some may feel a pulsating energy, at varying degrees, of the top of their heads.

This is the connection to Spirit, to the Source, it is what enables us to communicate with out Guides, our Higher Selves, and God. It is the connection to awareness, knowledge, understanding, insight, inspiration, all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. It is the Life Force, the Source of Love, and the Power of Change.

When dark spirits want to interfere with our Spiritual development, they envelop us in an impenetrable darkness. A darkness that stop this connection, and that hampers our communication with the higher, and brighter, planes of existence. This connection, is then replaced with a connection to the darker side, and communication starts from there.

At first, we will be unaware of this. We will still feel a connection, and we will still receive information. We will continue to shine, for a while, as a candle in the darkest night.

However, this connection will not give the usual light and energy to which we are accustomed. And the messages we receive will stop being enlightening, and soothing, and full of joy and love. They will slowly make us feel angry, resentful, sad, pitiful, and eventually bring darkness to our souls.

This will be such a gradual process that we may not even be aware of it to start with. We will eventually find ourselves wondering where has our energy gone. What has happened to us? We will still feel that there is a connection, there is communication, but this will not be as satisfying, fulfilling, wondrous, or energising as it has always been.

The longer this continues, the dimmer our light within will become, and the greater the negative energies surrounding us, until we become part of the darkness, and subjected to the dark forces.

At least this is the intention of the dark spirits. The more lights they extinguish, the darker the ethereal realms, the greater their numbers.

There is hope for us, however, as there is hope for the entities that live in the darkest spaces of the spirit world.

The Light is always there. It is praying for us. It is willing for us to reach out for it. It is stretching its loving hand, trying to catch us, to help us through the darkness. It is however conscious of free will, and it will wait for us to make the first move. After all, we can choose the darkness if we so wish, that is entirely up to us.

To get back into the light, all we have to do is to delve profoundly into the depths of our soul, and call out for it. That works like the flare used by shipwrecks’ victims, stranded in the loneliness of a desert island; it breaks the darkness, and opens a door for the light to reach us, and dig us out of our hole.

It is, however, important, to recognise the signs as early as possible. To understand that we have become victims of manipulation. It is the same as our physical beings being entrapped in an abusive relationship; the longer we stay in it, the more difficult it is to get out. And the more we are aware of what is “right”, and what is “wrong”, the easier it will be to identify our position.

We are beings of Light in any event, and being in the Light is the only place that will feel completely, absolutely, and unequivocally right.

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