4 Oct 2015

Different Ways to be Psychic

Everybody has the ability to be psychic. We all have gut instinct, intuition, or spidey senses which are all psychic information. Just building up trust each time we are right about what we know helps us to develop our psychic abilities. 

We can get information in two ways, one is by picking up energies, such as residual energy left in a place, or connecting to someone's aura.  In this way we can pick up events that have happened in a certain place, or even understand animals and plants, or can be aware of what happened to a certain person, what they feel, or what they wish for.

Another way is to get information from Spirit.  Spirit are more aware than us of what is happening, and they are less tied to time and space than we are, so the information that we can get from them is much more detailed, in-depth, and can even include glimpses of the future.  

There are many ways in which we can get information, but below are the most commonly known and used ways that we get our information.  When we read energy, we mainly use clairsentience, the others, including clairsentience, are when we communicate with Spirit:

This is seeing and hearing spirit very clearly just like they would see and hear you. This can work either subjectively, inside your head like a film and hear by thoughts,  memories and ideas, or objectively, which when you see them outside of your head, like seeing orbs, or people standing in front of you.  When seeing objectively, however, communication still takes place subjectively, i.e. in your head. 

This is getting messages from spirit not necessarily knowing the background information about them. The messages received by Spirit are usually for someone alive, a friend or a loved one as Spirit miss the living as much as the living miss those who have passed away.

This can either be by picking up energy, such as an aura, or a residual energy, or by feeling spirit, picking up on how people are feeling, how people felt a long time ago and feelings like they are angry and tired. I have a friend who cannot go sightseeing because she feels everything that has gone on there and it makes her feel sick. I just have information of the ruin and so I know and see in my head what went on. These people tend to have some emphatic ability too, so they gather all the feelings of others and often think that they are their own. There will be another article about how to deal with this.

This is when we hear spirit clearly, or as in my case thoughts and information in my head.

Some people have all these abilities, and more, while some just have one or two.

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