6 Sep 2015

What is happening at Spiritual Soul?

Let the day begin ...

We have not published any posts for the month of August, and we apologise to our readers for such failure.

But we have not been idle.  The past month has been a month of growth, full of Spiritual Development and revelations, and we hope the articles that will follow will prove such great and uplifting progress.

We would like to welcome +Cathy Freeman as a new contributor to this blog.  Cathy is a Psychic Healer, and Life Coach who has a great deal of experience healing people with low self esteem, those who have experienced physical/mental/sexual abuse and anyone with any physical ailments.  She has been of great help to us at +Spiritual Soul, and is also a moderator in our groups +Psychic Development Circle and +Spiritual Awakening Support Group.  We are certain you will quickly love her as much as we do, and will appreciate her love, kindness, patience, and altruism

As always, +Angelo A will focus on Spirituality, and with the help and teachings of his guides he will also share elements of Spirit Philosophy imparted to him.

If you would like to ask any questions, or get in touch with our contributors, simply email support@spiritualsoul.xyz and the most appropriate person will get back to you.

We look forward to bringing you new exciting, informative, enlightening, and thought provoking content.

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