12 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: DEPTH

how deep is the sea ...

Think of how deep is the sea. 

If you are on a boat, you can only glimpse at the waves, and what is a few feet below. You may see some corals, some fish, and a little life. 

But can you say that this is all that there is to the sea? 

Only by diving deep we can become aware of its life, its contents, its secrets and everything that lies below. And deeper we dive, the more we find in the great abyss what is still undiscovered. 

So is life, and so is the soul. 

If we just glance on the surface, we can see very little. We can understand very little. We must questions. 

What is there below the surface? 

We must explore, unafraid, and uncompromisingly. 

The deeper we go, the more we will understand about the reality of life, and the infinite knowledge that is given to an enlightened soul. 

The more we explore, the more questions will come to us. The more questions, the more we will need to plunge deeper and deeper. 

That is the purpose of our journey. 

Not to live life as simple passengers on a travel, but as explorers with a never ending thirst to understand

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