10 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: DEEDS

with our heads in the clouds ...

Nothing disappears. 

From matter to matter. From Life to life. From Soul to Eternity, from Deed to Deed. 

When we die, our body turns into food for the creatures of this earth, and earth will provide new matter for a new life in the mother’s womb. 

When a flower wither, its life will go to another flower to blossom and let us enjoy its beauty. 

When we pass away, our soul simply goes to another plane, and then to other planes still, for eternity.
So our actions do not disappear. Whatever good or evil we do, they do not disappear, but become new deeds from someone who has received our own act. 

We may forget, our friends may too, but a lasting legacy is left from anything we do. What legacy that is, it is up to us. 

Choose wisely.

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