21 Sep 2015

Spirit Guides

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Everybody has a Guide given to them when they are born, who is a spirit, and who is not a passed over member of your family.

Family, friends, or pets who have passed over will often visit to make sure you are all right. 

Guides have had many lives and so are very experienced;  They are available to help and support their charges. They can change the way they look to appear as kids to little ones so they can play with the lonely or cheer up the abused and provide companionship as "imaginary friends". 

If you watch little ones while they are playing, they are often looking in the same place and chattering away to that place and offering a toy. This is usually their Guide, or a child spirit who is playing with them. Please don't tell kids they don't exist, as they see and hear them as they see you, and it will confuse them.

Sometimes a spirit visits a place where they had a past life and only see the house they lived in and not what is there now so are surprised to see strangers. 

If this happens, and you have pictures falling off the wall, hear banging, or things going missing just say "please calm down we want to be friends". If you feel threatened let me know and I will remove them. I do that quite a lot. Simply get in touch through my Google+ +Cathy Freeman page.

Often adults tell me that they had friends in their childhood.  The names were, for instance, Cabby and Shabby, but actually their real names were Kabbala and Shabbala, but they could not get their tongues around their actual names when they were little.

Many times people have an interest in certain things because their Guide has knowledge of it. Many times I have been told that " I have been writing, painting etc, and don't laugh, but I have this strange feeling that someone is helping me." When I tell them who their Guide is it all makes sense. One client who had a Samurai Warrior as a Guide found martial arts quite easy particularly the old ones.

If people develop their psychic abilities they will be given other Guides as and when they need them.

You can talk to your Guide or any family or friends who have passed over even though you can't see or hear them, and a memory or thought coming in your head is their replying to you. Usually in the way they spoke when family or friends were alive or a scent that you would recognise.

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