6 Sep 2015

Some valuable concepts from the Spirit Teacher Eagle Wings


To be eternal is a great feat.  Some may be filled with arrogance at the thoughts “I cannot die, I will never die”.  Some other may be tempted to be lazy “I have all eternity, plenty of time to learn”.  Yet, the thought to be eternal should be humbling.  The whole of eternity is barely enough to fulfil our potential.  It is just the minimum length of time required to become all we can be.  Human life is just a baby step.  All the years of experience are just a drop in the ocean of knowledge.  Like a baby, walking his first steps, hanging on to whatever it can to avoid falling, and exploring his surrounding, testing the strength of his legs and feet, so we too must take every moment to test our learning, and to ensure that we grow from it.  Step by step, experience by experience, learning that there is so much more ahead of us.


Imagine a mangrove tree rising from the water, under the rain.  Watch as the droplets of rain slowly fall from the higher leaves, to the lower ones, and then to lower ones again, until they enter the water, and become one with it.  This is the soul’s journey, from experience to experience, soaking up the essence of life, as we drop from leaf to leaf, until we join the sea of souls that is home.  Each unique, each individual, yet all equal, and all merging into each other.  Each experience we bring through life will be added to the experiences of all the other unique souls, to make us one with the Creator.


We each are one.  And we are one with the One.  And we are one with each other too.  Pride, competition, individualism, materialism, our struggle to be identified as a “one” in the society that dictates the rules of humanity makes us forget what being ONE really means.  The emphasis that society places on individualism makes us lose the intrinsic value that we have.  Being an individual the way society wants you to be, means being alone.  Means losing the true value of our humanity, and of our souls.  We were not created to be as such.  We were created to be at one with everyone, and everything, and God.


You seek the truth?  And how many of us do?  We are looking to find what is true, what is real, what is the essence of all.  And yet how many times have you refused, rejected, or fought the truth?  The difficulty with the truth is that we can only understand those truths that are within the realms of our understanding.  We are limited by our intellect, by our experiences, and by our beliefs.  We are sometime told to make a leap of faith, and accept concepts and ideas that we cannot understand.  And yet, how real are those to us?  How can we make sense of what we do not understand?  It is unreasonable to do so.  And that is the soul’s journey.  Not to be given the truth.  Not to be told what is real and what is not.  But to discover it.  Because discovery is the only way to understand.  And to understand is the only way to accept.  Patiently go through your journey, and you will learn all you need to learn within the constraints of your understanding, and of your acceptance.


Learning is excitement.  To discover new ideas, new things, new beauties … that is the joy of life.  For what is a life without learning?  As a puddle of water that putrefies, and spoils, and rots, so are we without learning.  Without infusing new energy into ourselves, we will only lose the life that was given to us with so much love.  We will waste that love, and open the doors to misery and discontent.  

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