15 Sep 2015

Lack of self-esteem


All kids are naturally psychic.  

That is until adults tell them that their imaginary friend isn't real, or that what they are doing is bad or evil.  Also, if the child gives away psychic information that is embarrassing, or a secret, and that the family want to keep hidden, the kid will be in a lot of trouble.  They will be told that they are lying, or have a vivid imagination, or the usual accusation that they have  disappointed the adults.  Or worse still, they are beaten into submission, so that they keep quiet.  

Usually children who are either neglected, physically, mentally, or sexually abused, develop psychic ability to distance themselves from the abuse.  As they grow up they still have this ability but fear it as the adults in their lives have told them that it was very bad and even evil.  So when they see a spirit and hear it, they think they are going mad or that they are cursed. 

When they discover from someone like me that they are neither and find that I am psychic and love it, slowly they relax.

Usually the abuse is so bad that they hide the memory away in a file in their head and remember nothing except for the feeling of being worthless,  unlovable,  and lack confidence and self esteem. 

They feel that everybody is looking down on them, although in reality nobody is.  Also, because they need a confidence boost they drink too much or take drugs.  They find that they need more and more  "help" to get the same effect so they find that the "help" is controlling their lives in what easily become addiction.  

They cannot fill the void with shopping and cleaning etc., and don't seem to realise that the only way to feel better about themselves is to stop telling themselves off like the adults in their childhood did. 

You are not stupid, you will amount to something,  you are loveable and you will not turn into those adults.  

For example, a client of mine had all her hopes and dreams crushed by her parents so badly that she was too scared to hope in case that was smashed too. I told her happiness was everybody's right and this time it wouldn't be taken away.  

If you see things and hear voices you are not mad you are psychic.

Cathy Freeman
Psychic Healer and Life Coach

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