11 Sep 2015

Eagle Wings: analysis of a Spirit Teacher

Eagle Wings, by Lois Ruiz
Eagle Wings, by Lois Ruiz

Some may have noticed that there is a new category in this blog, and that there have been some mentions of a certain Eagle Wings.

So, I thought I owe our readers some kind of explanation about who Eagle Wings is.

To keep it short, Eagle Wings is a Spirit Teacher who has been kindly talking to me, and inspiring many articles that I have written and published on this blog.

When he first contacted me, he has shown himself as a very tall Native American who looks like the one in the drawing at the top of this post.

However, those who are familiar with Spirit communications probably know that interaction with Spirit is full of symbolism. Also, the way they appear to our physical selves is usually in a way that we can accept and understand. They really do not like to freak us out!

Furthermore, as I am being constantly reminded by those Spirits who bless me with their teachings, advice, and wisdom, is that it is not the messenger that is of value but the message itself. We seem to place an obtuse value on who a person is, what they have published, how famous they are, and how much money they are making that it overshadow the intrinsic value of the content of a given message.

With this premise, it is only natural to ask: “who is Eagle Wings”

Is he a Native American?

Before answering the question of whether he is actually Native American, we have to look at the symbolism of a Native American character.

To me Native Americans bring back memories of being a child, in the 70s, when there was an abundance of Western genre movies being produced and shown both on TV and in cinemas. Playing cowboys and “Indians” was an almost daily occurrence, and I was possibly the only juvenile in the playground who always wanted to be the “indian”.

I have always been one to take the side of the underdogs and of the oppressed, but even with my na├»ve perspective, I did know that there was something “cool” about Native Americans.

As I grew up and read up more about the many cultures and facets of what is included with the overgeneralised term “Native American”, I was always attracted by their very spiritual nature. Their search and communion with spirit animals. Their awareness and intimacy with nature. Their struggle to retain a very important and valuable heritage in the face of an invading, callous, profiteering, and soulless invader that we the white men were, and still are.

In many respects, the Native American figure represents the modern spiritual soul in search for enlightenment, balance, and a return to nature; grappling to survive and to strive, writhing against the modern social engineering being currently enforced by the money-centric ruling elite of the contemporary civilizations.

So, my conclusion is that he probably is not a Native American. His form and presentation is a symbol of what a modern spiritual soul should strive for, in terms of attitude, perspective, and in terms of the challenges we face on our spiritual journey.

Is his name really Eagle Wings?

The question around his name is a very interesting one. Eagle wing is a Native American legend of a person who was bestowed with special gifts by a magic bison, in return for the promise to always protect buffalos. One day, however, he betrayed the buffalo. Simply click on this link to read the story.

I did ask him if this was his real name, and he replied that it was now. I asked him why he chose such name, and he answered that we must never forget our mistakes. I further enquired why he used the plural, as the character in the legend is called Eagle Wing, not wings, and he explained that he made the same mistake more than once.

Again, this is very likely not his name, but it is a great symbol. We are so often told that we must forgive ourselves for our mistakes. And that is true to a certain extent, as we cannot allow our mistakes to destroy us. However, we must also never forget what we do wrong.

The pain, the angst, the shame that we feel in remembering our mistakes is what will help us in not repeating the same mistake again. And it is important that on our spiritual journey we learn, move on, and avoid falling into the trap of going through our lives in circles.

Is he a Spirit Teacher?

In the traditional sense, Spirit Teachers have come through mediums in a trance state, and have given their teaching to an audience.

I cannot in any way claim that my current psychic and mediumship gifts enable me to achieve a trance state.

I have also explained to my guides that I do not want to be put in a trance. There is no point in being a medium, in my mind, if I cannot remember the events that have been sparked through me. Relying on an audience to tell me what happened, or depending on recordings, in my opinion, is not a fulfilling or satisfying way to use my God given gifts. Second hand information is, well, second hand … and it has a limited value.

It is undeniable that these ideas and writing are not the work of my mind, and are beyond my knowledge and experience. As such, they do come from a higher source.

It is also clear that what words, concepts, values, and lessons are given to me have a great value, and can be considered teachings without the shadow of a doubt.

Having made my point, I shall deter from digressing further. You the reader have a soul, and an intellect. Make your own assessment.

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