6 Sep 2015

Alzheimer's and Dementia

A blue moon is not always blue ...
By +Cathy Freeman

I have been working as a Psychic Healer and Life Coach for many years at home and abroad.
While doing so I have helped clients who have a parent who suffers from Alzheimer. When I explained to them how their relative viewed their world (as detailed below) it helped them to understand. This put to rest the hurtful feeling that they had been forgotten, unloved or were being punished for something they had done. This changed the caring or visiting of the parent from dreading it into a joy for them as there was no fighting, crying or hitting. Actually one client had lots of fun and laughter as her dad repeated what chats he had had with various dead acquaintances and learned a lot from them.

This applies to both men and women alike but for the clarity of this explanation I am going to use a woman. Everyone has the ability to be psychic but it is the strong logic in some that prevents them believing and trusting in something they cannot see and think it is only their imagination. Many of us have a gut feeling or I knew that person was ringing before I picked up the phone or I was right to not trust them on sight. These are all examples of psychic information which are in our head in the form of our thoughts but the logical part of us often ignores the information not trusting it.

When we have Alzheimer's the logical part of the brain deteriorates and so allows us to see and hear spirit without our logic blocking it and not trusting it. When she got this condition she started living as if she was in her twenties again so she had no memory of anything after that. Her husband was young and full of vigour in her eyes so couldn't understand why this old man is pretending to be her husband. Her children are young in her eyes so that is why she thinks her grandchildren are her kids and calls them by her son or daughter's name and thinks that her actual kids are her cousins or friends.

She often called her son by his father's name as he looked like him at that age. She would ask
to go home by which she meant her old home that she lived in when she was in her twenties.  That is why there are reports of patients ending up at their old homes and getting upset when a stranger opens the door wondering why nobody is doing anything about her house being stolen.  She was frightened when she looked in the mirror and found that the person looking back at her was a stranger and not the young person she expected to see.

When she talked to herself she was actually talking to her sister who had passed away and saw her as if she was there as clearly as she sees you. When she said she has just had a lovely chat with her dead sister the carer should say that that is nice and how is she and what did she have to say. If she just comes out with information about the family it's probably from one of these chats.

Covering up mirrors or removing them will help and never correcting what she says, just going along with her, will prevent her becoming scared and confused and think that she is being lied to. Its like you waking up one morning and finding that everyone and everything you knew has vanished so  nothing looks familiar and people are calling themselves by names you know and pretending to be them. How petrifying that would be and what a nightmare.

Also she sees people and her pets who have passed away like she sees you so if she is told
that the people or pets have died it will be the first time that she has heard that and will mourn for them so never say that. If she asks a carer to feed her dead pet the carer should ask where is it and then say I have fed him and he is fine. 

If she tells a carer that she has to collect her children from school the carer should say don't worry you just put your feet up and I will go and get them. Just remember that she quickly will have no memory of what she has said. A good way of explaining the presence of a partner is to say they were a friend of her parent so she will accept that and you will not get tears and she will happily have them around. The more you play along with her and enter her world the more relaxed and contented she will become.


This post is by +Cathy Freeman , Psychic Healer and Life Coach

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