4 Jul 2015

The end of the world: Obamacare, Planet X, and Polar Shifts

Earth's magnetic field
Source: NASA
Today someone sent me a message on Facebook, claiming that the Rapture is near, and cited the fact that the Obamacare bill would require all Americans to wear an RFID microchip either on their arm, or forehead, linking it to Revelation 13:15-18, and calling it the “the sign of the Beast”

Personally, I am not excessively worried about the end of the world. If such thing as Judgement Day is to come, I believe I am reasonably prepared to be judged.

However, I am always excited to find a new subject for a blog post, so I did a little research. Nothing major, a simple Google search.

I always love to do generic internet searches as they yield the most amazing results, there is a lot of information out there, and it is fun to sift through what is available and attempt to assess the truth. The most reliable article, however, which has the most links to it, and which links to an online version of the Obamacare act, seem to indicate that the information is simply a lot of nonsense.

Personally, I would not be particularly worried if it were true, as it would simply mean that God does not want Americans in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, I am reasonably confident that He would not be so xenophobic as to single out a single country to be sent to hell. That does not seem very Godly. I am quite certain there are many Americans that, despite the faults of their country, will be worthy of God’s mercy.

However, this incident reminded me of another theory that I have recently started to follow with interest, which purports the relative end of the world as being imminent. This is related to the Pole Shift Hypothesis, and it is much more engaging than Obamacare.

Firstly, apologises for the Wikipedia reference, I am aware that it is not a particularly acceptable academic reference, but it is a good article, with a few relevant and reasonably academically reliable sources. For those more scientifically minded, this NASA article might be more appropriate. Additional links are provided in the References sections at the end of this article, including an interesting post by the BBC, which is supposedly a reliable source.

Secondly, I would like to emphasise that I am neither a sceptic, nor a believer. I have an innate curiosity that longs to be satisfied, and I hope this post will whet the reader’s interest too. This is because the information available on this subject is so vast, and at the same time so inconclusive, that makes the topic simply fascinating.

This interjection is simply because from here onward, references will be much more questionable, and obscure, and verge on boundaries of myths, legends, and conspiracy. Does this fact in itself not make the whole subject even more compelling?

Returning to the subject matter, the argument NASA makes that polar shifts are not going to have a major effect on our planet is somewhat difficult to believe. It is even more incredible after watching this video, which makes the additional following claims:

1. The solar system is a twin star solar system. Note: there seem to be much debate about this subject, and so far this is a theory that has neither been proved nor disproved. However there is an interesting article here, another one here, and more links in the References section at the end of this post

2. There is a hidden planet, generally referred to as Planet X, that orbits around both stars and that every few thousand years come close enough to our planet to cause polar shifts. To note, this is a subject loved by many conspiracy theorists, for example see this article here, or if you want to see evidence on Google Sky, you may check this article. A few more are provided in the References section at the end of this post.

Source: livescience.com
It is interesting to note that this alleged planet X is also considered to be Nibiru, if anyone is familiar with the legends and tales of the Annunaki, they will recognise the name. If you are not, they were supposedly extra-terrestrials being that ruled our world in ancient times, who civilised our planet and who came from the planet Nibiru. Simply follow the links I just provided, or check the reference section at the end of this article. Suffice it to say, that some even claim there is evidence of these extra-terrestrial creatures in the Bible. Some assert that the Pentagon is aware of their existence, and of their imminent return; see this article here.

But I am digressing. What makes the video I shared above somewhat credible, is the producers’ extensive website, and immense amount of information provided by their related sources. These even include advice on how to survive a polar shift, a map of the world after the shift, tracking of Planet X, and much, much more.

Is this true? Will it all happen? As I mentioned above, I am neither a sceptic, not a believer. I cannot deny however that I am very intrigued. Anyone interested on the subject should have sufficient material in this article to progress his or her own research. Feel free to leave any comments.


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