21 Jul 2015

Is the Enlightened Soul Lonely? Join our Spiritual Awakening Support Group

We seek the light

I was reading an extremely interesting article regarding the loneliness of the awakening mind, and I would like to expand on it.

The first elaboration would be to replace the word “mind” with “soul”. This is because to us the mind’s understanding is simply a tool, a bridge that helps us to put into words, to rationalise, to make sense of all the information that our soul provide to us. It is what helps a Spiritual Being to communicate, and make sense of a Physical World, or rather the opposite, it is what allows a physical body to live and operate coherently with a spiritual entity within it. For all intents and purposes, the soul and the mind are one and same.

There is also ample scientific evidence that the mind is not within the body, as thoroughly explained and referenced by Dr Hogan Craig, is his book Your Eternal Self, which is available as a free download. I passionately recommend this publication to anyone who would like to understand the scientific evidence behind our soul’s immortality.

Returning to the subject matter of this post, the essence of the write-up I refer to states that the more aware we become of reality (not the reality imposed on us by society, but the reality of existence and essence themselves), the more removed we become from the workings and manipulations of our societies.

This is perfectly logical. The more conscious we are of the injustices of society, the less we want to be involved in them. The more alert we are of the manipulations of big businesses and politics, the more we want to distance ourselves from them. The more sensitive we are of the Love of God, the Source of all Life, the closer we want to be to it.

It therefore follows that there is going to be a huge gap between our way of being, and the way of surviving within the rules and constraints of the materialist world in which we exist.

The article notes that this will inevitably cause us to be lonely. To feel so distant from worldly concerns and those who happily compromise their spiritual integrity to adapt, that we will find it difficult to fit in with those around us.

The more our souls become enlightened, and seek the light, the less we will be able to relate to those around us, finding their conversations and priorities banal, irrelevant, shallow, and uninteresting.

In turn, this may cause us to feel lonely. Not being able to connect at the level of depth required for our soul to be nourished can bring a sense of isolation, insulation, and even sadness.

Regrettably, all those websites and communities where we go to feel inspired and to share our spiritual awakening, seldom offer a way to interact with those people who dispense those so uplifting quotes and posts.

I was meditating on this subject, and somehow the following words came to my mind:

Awaken fully, wholeheartedly, and fearlessly and though you may be alone, you will never be lonely, for you will be filled with the Love of God, the Source of all Love.

And admittedly, I never feel lonely. I suppose I am one of those lucky people who have reached a stage where we are filled with the Love of God, the Source of all Love, and therefore do not feel lonely.

However, here at Spiritual Soul, we know that this is not the case for everyone. We do remember the times when we did feel so lonely and detached from anyone else around us that it almost hurt, and almost prevented us from further progressing spiritually.

This is why we have decided to set up a Spiritual Awakening Support Group. Simply post your struggle, feelings, and experiences to get the empathy you need to progress your Spiritual Development. Please do not post articles, photos, or quotes on this page; instead share those on our Google+ page.

If you feel that what your experience is too private for a shared discussion, you can even email us here, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.


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