19 Jul 2015

Entrain you brain: peak mental and physical performance

Look at the sky

Today we would like to share the Isochoronic Tones below, with a warning.   Having said that, we use it all the done, both for work and physical excercise, and it has never caused any side effect.  We do however use the track Harmonizing Thought Processes Isochronic Pulses  on a regular basis, so that may help.

WARNIG: Very Powerful Excessive Use May Cause Anxiety - Beta High Isochronic Pulses

1 hour track.  This track will help in achieving greater focus, attention, and alertness.  Unsuitable for meditation due to the increased alertness.  Simply listen to it when working or studying.  Do not listen to it continuously as it may cause exhaustion, anxiety, and tension.  We find it very useful both when working, and working out, it is one of our personal favourite

0.1 to 0.45 Hz Isochronic Pulses at 4 minutes intervals: Epsilon waves, less is known about these states due to the rarity of observing them. They have reportedly been associated with when state Yogi's go into when they achieve "suspended animation" where no heart beat, respiration or pulse are noticeable.

18 to 38 Hz Isochronic Pulses at 4 minutes intervals: Wide awake, alert, focused, analyses and assimilates new information rapidly, complex mental processing, peak physical and mental performance, cannot be sustained indefinitely otherwise exhaustion, anxiety, and tension result.

Water and Gong background alternating from right to left at 10 minutes intervals

Ascending base frequency

We hope you enjoy it, please do leave comments and feedback.

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