12 Jun 2015

The struggle of the spiritual soul

Mount Banahaw, again
As many people interested in developing themselves spiritually I often read, and I read them avidly, interesting and suggestive articles from a myriad of websites. The Mind Unleashed, the Open Mind, Collective Evolution (all .com of course :) ) and many more are all very popular websites where interesting and relevant content is available. I read their articles on daily basis, and of course I can only recommend them.

However, when perusing some of their content I can’t avoid to notice, see, feel, and obviously read that there is some disappointment, some anger, and some resentment, and those feelings come right through the articles.

Obviously not everybody is as sensitive or adept at reading between the lines as I may be, but I am sure that many can sense what I perceive too.

So, this is the reason behind writing this post. And what I would like to discuss today is the struggle of the spiritual soul.

Whoever has had at least one spiritual awakening (we do have many over the course of our lives, otherwise they are not true awakening, they are just temporary understandings that we lose with time) is fully aware of the fact that we are designed to be happy souls.

We were conceived to be wholly in tune with our mother hearth, with our surroundings, and with all the people around us. And if this was the case, our spiritual journey would be much more natural, effortless, and we would be genuinely happy all the time.

However, since humankind has begun dwelling on this hearth, things have moved away from the natural status quo that was intended.

I don’t know how, or why, or when, but money has become the ruler of the world. And everything around us is now devised, designed, and conceived to enforce the ruling of the magic worthless and priceless coinage.

We now have politics, the banking system, wars, a very rich and uncaring section of society, the illuminati, the Anunnaki, and I am stopping adding things to this list only to avoid any upset to myself of whoever reads this post.

The alert reader will, by now, understand the struggle that I am referring to. Combining this awareness of the fact that being spiritual should be the easiest and most natural state of being in the universe with the fact that it is not like that.

Knowing that there is a conspiracy in place by the elite designed to keep people down, and exploited so that they (the elite) may enjoy the luxuries and corruption of their status; the realization that most people live in abject desolation, both spiritually and materially; the experience of subjugation and entrapment in the so called “matrix”; these are enough to drive any spiritual soul crazy with anger, depression, and resentment.

And yet, while entirely justified, these feelings are a great hindrance to developing spiritually, to growing, and to be in touch with our higher selves. Spiritual enlightenment means being full of love. Nothing else. But if we want to be, and become, love we must learn to let go of our hatred, of our anger, of our resentment.

The state, politics, the Anunnaki, the rich, they are not our enemies. Our weakness and our inability to see through the status quo are our real and true enemies. When we achieve to speak to our higher selves, they tell us very clearly that to instigate anger and jealousy is counterproductive, if we really want to help people progress towards our God’s given right to spiritual enlightenment.

We cannot and must not see ourselves as slaves, we must see ourselves as potentially free and liberated. We must not look at our chains, we must look at how we can be free from chains, so that we can create that reality, instead of reinforcing the current one.

A struggle indeed, and yet, one we can win …

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