28 Jun 2015

The price of kindness

I have noticed a trend on some alleged “spiritual” website that concerns me gravely. While I do find the occasional article that does delivers a certain degree of spiritual insight, I am becoming more and more aware that a great amount of advice is rather personal to the writer, without much of a spiritual basis, and on the contrary, which is antithetical to the whole essence of spirituality, and enlightenment of the soul.

Today I would like to mention those editorials that often detail how being helpful, charitable, and compassionate to other people will inevitably cause the object of our kindness to exploit our benevolence. They often recount stories of ex-partners, friends, and colleagues who do just that, and caused great amount of anger, resentment, and even depression. Consequently, their advice to their reader is to not be “too nice”, to ensure sanity and self-preservation.

Personally, at my level of spiritual development, I abhor this suggestion, and frankly, I believe that whoever gives this recommendation should avoid giving any spiritually based opinion. The simple reason for this loathing is that God, or the Source, or whatever one wishes to call It, is Love. In order to progress spiritually we must learn to Love, and to be Love too. I do not think that any spiritual soul could possibly and reasonably question this postulate.

Therefore, if the premise is that we must be, become, or just give Love, then the advice “not to be too nice” plainly and painfully contradicts our starting proposition.

It must be understood that, if we are a kind person, always willing to help, and constantly available to provide all kind of support to our fellow human beings, some of our beneficiaries will take advantage of this. Some others will only be seen when they need something. Some other still will demand unreasonably our compassion. And many will attempt to abuse our altruism.

This can indeed have a negative effect on us. It will make us wonder, ponder, question whether we are doing the right thing. It may, on many occasions make us feel used, abused, and exploited. It may even cause depression.

Yet, this is no ground for us to withdraw, or withhold, or refuse our love.

Spiritual maturity, awakening, and enlightenment have one clear and simple answer. Be Love. Do not worry about how others chose to act, react, or behave. That is not the concern of the pure and wise soul. The interest of the soul is to be what is supposed to be, which is Love.

The only way to overcome our insecurity, our questioning, or our depression is with the awareness that we are doing the right thing. The strength of knowledge that our soul is fulfilling its raison d'ĂȘtre will overcome any uncertainty, any pain, any struggle that our mind might battle with.

Indeed, the less mature soul may protest more, (although I can guarantee that even a mature soul will, on many occasions, battle with the mind on this issue) and yet that is the challenge within our spiritual journey that we must win.

There must be never be any excuse to regress from a certain level of spiritual awakening into a lesser one. There cannot ever be any reason to withhold love and kindness. There is no room for resentment in the mature soul, and there can never be.

And there is an upside too, which is that amongst the immensity of ungratefulness, there are other loving souls who will be will be willing, able, and even enthusiastic to return the favour of our solicitude in our times of need.

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