13 May 2015

Is there a collective consciousness?

Now that I explained about inspirational writings I would like to give an example of the kind of exercises that people do in psychic school to sharpen their psychic skills, and to help them understand about the psychic and spirit world, and indeed our own physical world.

Again, no credit goes to me for this post, rather to the excellent and wise teachers at http://family.psychics.co.uk/, all I am doing is to share thought provoking and inspiring events which I am fortunate enough to experience J

This exercise, happened in a chatroom of the psychic school where people are 100s or 1,000s of miles apart, and a few years ago. Nonetheless it is highly thought provoking, so I decided to share it.

Each person in the room was given a different word and ask to write a single sentence "inspired" by the word given. These were the words given to the students.
  • Dreams 
  • Light 
  • Gift 
  • Peace 
  • Mind 
  • Freedom 
  • Value 
  • Solitude 
  • Bless 
  • Knowing 
  • Citrus 
  • Sunrise 
  • Expression 

As each student wrote their sentence these seemed just words (don't get me wrong, beautiful words), but simply an individual disconnected sentence.

Yet, at the end of the exercise the teacher actually put all the sentences together and this is what it all added up to:

Often in dreams we are reminded of things that mean so much to us in our lives. 

An old fashioned lightbulb with the ball chain on the side to turn it on and off and it is off. 

Peace is a wonderful spiritual gift. 

Our inner peace is there to find if only we would free our mind. 

We use our minds to do all sorts of things. 

We all have the freedom to choose our own path in life and to make of it what we will, and so a yearning to be complete. 

Solitude can be a blessing in disguise, the blessing of knowing the higher self, 

Knowing that you know nothing is knowing it all... that life is but a dream that we have the ability to make it what you want it to be. 

Sunrise in a lemon garden, the healing of the green, the yellow desire to know under the increasing light of the giving sun 

So, what do we make of it? Chance, or collective consciousness? You be the judge J

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