17 Apr 2015

Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance - Part 4 - Helping Others

Got balance? Time to help others

Balance can be complexSo, once one has a good Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance, what to do with it?

Undoubtedly, the first thing to do is to enjoy it. A good Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance brings inner peace. That in itself is priceless.

In all honesty, it is nice when people talk about someone and say "Oh that person is so nice … always with a smile, a breath of fresh air".

When one has a good balance, he or she will naturally attract people around them. And inner peace is infectious. It spreads like a smile.

However, the second object of our attention should be to maintain it. Think about how hard it was to achieve it. Hang on to it. Keep everything stable; meet your needs. Although it is relatively simple to maintain a good balance, it is also mind boggling easy to lose, as mentioned in part 3.

Last, but definitely not least, spread the peace! Help others achieve the same state of joy, peace, and enlightenment. As we are happy deep inside, and we see others who struggle, who suffer, who torturously go through life, it is our duty and responsibility to provide succour.

However, there are some caveats that I would like to share. Some dos and don'ts that I have learned from my own experiences (which often means that I have learnt from my own mistakes).


  • Someone on a journey to a Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance needs to talk, talk, talk. So for those who have achieved stability the rule is simple: listen, listen, listen! 
  • Empathise. It was a difficult journey to get to a Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance, and a great part of it would have been achieved because someone empathised with us. We have to do the same 
  • Be honest. Do not allow someone on their journey to a Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance to hide away from their own truths, or to make excuses. If we do, they will not achieve their goal 
  • Keep the balance. When surrounded by negative emotions it is important to take time to recharge. 


  • When I say empathise, I mean exactly that. However, when we are helping someone else, they will be full of negative emotions. It is very important to put limits on how much of their feelings we allow to enter our inner selves. If we take on their negativity we will lose our balance, and then won't be able to help anyone any longer. Take a break when needed, but without making them feel that they are a burden 
  • Do not judge, or comment. Everybody's journey is unique. They are the ones supposed to talk; we are supposed to listen. 
  • Do not force opinions or perspective. Again, it is not our journey, it is theirs 
  • Do not lose our own balance! 

This brings me to the conclusion of this article. I often refer to it myself, on those occasions when I need to take my own advice. We all sometimes lose focus, and we all need occasionally to remind ourselves who we are. I hope it can also help someone else find their Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance.

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