28 Nov 2015

Explaining Behaviour : WORKAHOLICS

We have all met them. We have worked with them.  We have shared an office, sat on the opposite desk, Some of us may have had a relationship with them.  At times, we may even have been them.  But what drives workaholics?

They are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. They spend all the time stuck to their desk, with their head down, always busy.  They are sociable, polite, and interact with everyone in the office, but not very often.  They will be more likely to listen to a conversation, than to participate.  They will accept any work given to them without a word of complaint, or a flinch of disappointment.  We may often see them as the Manager's pet, or as ambitious careerists, and we may even dislike them for this.

But, let's think again.  There is something in this nature that deserve attention and compassion, instead of resentment.

There are some exceptions.  Some workaholic are truly focused people who are out to get the best they can from their career, and are ambitious, and driven.  This article however focuses on those other ones, The ones that ...

... will tend to have little or no self esteem.  They usually don't like or trust themselves and so think everyone feels the same way. They keep everyone at arms length as they are always fearful that if people get to know them they will discover that they are a fraud (yes, even if we think that they are actually very good at their job, they do not believe it!).

Their constant thought is "if I say no they won't like me, or respect me". They are usually very happy to help or actually do work for their colleagues, as that makes them feel valued and appreciated.  However this also makes it very easy for them to be manipulated and do twice the work of anybody else. Unfortunately they always second guess everything, and they do and hate making decisions just in case they make the wrong one.

If they have been promoted to a high position they cannot understand how they got there. When they are not at work they worry that they might have forgotten something important so are not very attentive at home.  They may often even bring extra work at home!

They are quite distant to their spouses because they think the only reason their spouses like them is because of the material things that they can provide. They have no idea how to be with their kids because their role model was so bad. They do feel but find it impossible to show or talk about emotions.

So, if you are like this ... believe in yourself!  You have a lot to offer, and it's not just at work.  You family needs your love as well as the income you bring.  Your work doesn't need you after hours.  Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am a great person! I have a lot to offer!  People will like me for who I am, not for what I do!".   Repeat it until you believe it!  If you find this difficult, send me a message using my profile page, I can help you.

If you are in a relationship with someone like this, appreciate their hard work, and their continuous effort.  Talk to them, explain that love is as important as salary.  Initially, to help them cope with the transition, "schedule" family time with them, as if it were a meeting at the office.  Let them learn step by step how to be themselves, and show them how much you like them when they are like that.

If you work with someone like this, don't give them all your work.  Respect them!  Appreciate them!  Make them feel appreciated!

Balance is sometime difficult to achieve, but with compassion, love, care, and tenderness, it maybe much closer than you believe!

25 Nov 2015

What are the traps of spirituality? Is the mind one of them?

Just some lovely flowers

I was recently asked this question, which made me think quite deeply.

Firstly, I should probably to mention semantics … Trap is a negative term, and I would prefer to call them challenges and stepping stones.  Even if we look at a stepping stone, if the stone is taller than half the length of one’s leg, it already becomes a challenge.  If it is taller than oneself, the trial is even greater.

Something else worth mentioning, is that there are degrees of spirituality.  Not everybody needs to be a monk!

The degree of spirituality we aim for depends on what is the next step we want to take in our Eternal life once we move to the next plane of existence.  The higher the degree of spirituality, the higher the next plane of existence (where higher is in relation to the ethereality of the world of our choice.  It is by no means a physical height as we interpret it in our human existence.  To explain this concept in details would take quite some time, and probably will be a better option to write another post on the subject). 

But technically, if we are able to be happy with life, enjoy the gift of creation that was placed around us, and take the time to feed our soul, that is a sufficient level of spirituality to move forward.  For this basic level of spirituality all is required is kindness, empathy, the belief in the Soul, and some contact with it.

At the other extreme, there is Spirituality (with a capital initial).  In between, there are a myriad of alternative levels equal to the abundance of astral planes available to us on our next step back to the Source.

The higher the level of Spirituality we aim to achieve, the greater the challenges.  There are a few posts on this blog that discuss some of the challenges here, here, here, and here. I am also confident that other related challenges will be discussed in future articles.

The smaller challenges are the ego, kindness, altruism, etc., while the greater challenges are self-denial and solitude.  (in my opinion, others may place these trials on a completely different scale)
It would be impossible for me to make a detailed list of these difficulties in one single post.  It would probably be impossible to list them all in an encyclopaedia.  Each person’s spiritual journey is different, and the tribulations they encounter are the ones they have chosen before they were born in this world.  Each of us makes clear and definite choices long before we are born.  Which also means that the level of spirituality we aim to achieve on the next step of our journey is not something we decide on this plane of existence.  It is a decision we made a long time ago, and which we are now living through.

It is a little like choosing a career.  When we are asked by our parents “what do you want to be when you grow up”, it’s the first step (for many of us) towards the career, the education, the steps we will take from middle-schooling until retirement age, and all that this choice implies.

One thing that should be stressed very emphatically, however, is that our mind is NOT, and NEVER should be a challenge.  The only challenge that the mind poses is to quiet it for long enough to listen.  I’m sure all of us have been told “Listen to the question before you answer”, or “You need to learn to listen”.  We need to be able to listen to the external energies (call it God, the Source, the Soul, the Spirit Guides, the Guardian Angel, whatever, any term will be perfectly acceptable).

Once we have listened, and received the message, however, our mind is very important to understand it, to internalise it, and to help us make decisions that are required, etc. etc.

Because, if we have to shut our mind, we don’t have spirituality, nor Spirituality.  If we have to shut our mind, we have religion.  And, as many have asserted on many occasions, on many posts, articles, answers, debates, and questions, religion is the nemesis of Spiritual Development!

23 Nov 2015

The hour of weeping for the world

The hope of infinity

In this post, I am going to share something very personal.  I do not exactly know why, a little voice in my head is telling me to share this information.  Maybe it is because I need some self-healing.  Maybe it is because I would like other people to become more sensitive.  Maybe it is because I would like to raise people’s awareness about the pain the in world.

It does not matter why, in complete honesty, you the reader make of it what you will.

Those who know me see me as a big, strong, butch man. 

Yet, I have a very sensitive soul.  My eyes will swell with tears at the sight of suffering, as much as they will at the sight of an act of kindness.  I am quite proud of this sensitivity of mine, as it is an indication of a strong and mature soul that is willing to live through whatever happens in my life, as well as the lives of other people.  I drink a lot of water, so I am never dehydrated, and I can keep the waterworks functioning whenever the need arises.

Some may have read my post about how I raise my vibration before waking up in the morning, and always start the day with a smile, grateful for the gift of life on this planet once more.

I am very careful of always keeping a positive outlook, always be grateful for what I have, always accept those that cross my path, embracing both their faults and the beautiful aspects of their personalities.

Yet, every morning, at the risk of upsetting this joyful stability, I take an hour to weep for the world.  I try to read as many “bad” news as possible.  About Paris, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Syria, and wherever else people may be suffering.  About the plight of refugees, about children and families at risk or abuse and exploitation.  About the tragic deaths and suffering caused by whatever reason people may decide to inflict pain on their fellow human beings.

As I read these news, and as tears liberally flow down my face, I feel for them.  I feel with them.  I can sense their pain, their agony, their desperation … my eyes get clouded, I wipe them and keep reading.

I strongly believe it is very important that we, the lucky people of this world whose only worry are bills, and whether to eat in one restaurant rather than other at the weekend, need to sensitize ourselves to the suffering of others.  We need to feel at one with those who are actually going through true hardship, fear, disillusion, delusion, and hopelessness.

We need to share our energy with them, send them love, empathy, and caring interest.  It maybe all we can do for them, but at least it is something for our humanity to surface. 

And we need our humanity.  Nobody is happy with the current state of the world.  But until all of us, as a collective, can find our humanity buried deep within us, we will only be victims of a world order that is set up simply to help a few becoming richer and exploiting everyone else in the world.

Our humanity is all we have left that can connect us to the Creator, to the Universal Laws, and to how the status quo should, and could be.

As I am approaching the end of this post, I now know why I am writing it.

Please, take an hour every day to connect with the world, and to weep for the world.  Share in the pain, suffering, and desperation, and wish for a better world. 

If we can all do that, change might just be around the corner!

19 Nov 2015

Ego is the cause of the de-evolution of human consciousness, and it kills (in many ways) the person that places importance on it.

Starry night

Ego is the cause of the de-evolution of human consciousness, and it kills (in many ways) the person that places importance on it.

To understand the idea, we need to look at the universe (and by universe I mean the entirety of creation, the multi-verses, the energies, the entities, and everything comprised in it), as one single body.

If we look at it this way, it is then quite easy to view ourselves as individual cells in this single entity.

Now, let's compare this to the human body, and the life-cycle of a cells in it.  Every cell starts as a stem cell (similarly to how each living thing is born from the Source).  A cell is than assigned a role that depends exclusively on the need of the whole.  Some cells will become bone, some skin, some muscles, and so on.

Each cell is unique in its own way, it has a unique identity (it is that one specific cell), it has a group identity (it is bone, skin, muscle, etc.), and it has a collective identity (it is part of the whole).

It would be inconceivable that a cell decides to be something it is not because of its personal identity (i.e. develops and behaves according to its ego).  This causes deformities (cells that are not what they are supposed to be), and illness (cells that misbehave, such as cancer) in the body.

A healthy body will simply kill off and replace the bad cells, or at least this is what happens to the Universe, thanks to the Universal Laws.  The Universe is not brought to imbalance simply because a few insignificant cells (yes, in comparison to the whole of the Universe, we are pretty insignificant!). 

But those who are the ego-centred cells, are simply “killed off”, and replaced.

Fortunately for us, we are born from the Source, and we do not “really” die.  We simply return to the Source.  When our bodies expire, our energy is eventually used for something else.  Hopefully, our soul will eventually learn the effect of the ego, and will start “being” a happy, fulfilled, and integrated part of the Universe.

Raise your vibration and start the day with a smile

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

There are an infinite number of reasons why we may start our day in a bad mood. 

At the time of our waking up we spend some time in a slight haze, with our mind floating between a sleep and an awaken state.  Our mind and souls are suspended between two worlds.  The world of dreams (the astral plane), and the universe of our current reality (the physical plane)

It is at this time that all kind of thoughts start hitting us, and some may be like a slap in the face.  The demanding boss, the annoying colleague, the kids’ breakfast, traffic on the way to work, and a million other thoughts start orbiting our not yet conscious mind.

As we struggle to enjoy the last five more minutes of sleep, these thoughts weigh really heavily, and can make us start the day in the most horrible and unpleasant way.

So, here is a little exercise that helps me every morning in waking up vibrating nicely, and with a positive smile on my sleepy face.

While you are still suspended between the two worlds, and your eyes refuse to open chasing the tail end of the dream you were just having, simply say to yourself:
“Thank you Universe for this new Day.  Today is going to be a great Day!”

If you are religious too, say a prayer of thanks.  Don’t occupy your mind with prayers and thought requesting, or demanding anything.  Just simple thanks.

Repeat it a few time, as necessary.

The effects of this, are staggeringly beautiful … leave a comment to share your experience.

16 Nov 2015

From immigrant to immigrants, a word of advice

I read and see in the news how much anger and frustration is being shared by both immigrant, and host countries, of late.  I have been an immigrant for the most part of my life, first in the UK, and now in the Philippines, and I would like to share some advice, in the hope that it will help people to their new life in what will be their new home country.

I left Italy when I was 20 years old.  I just didn’t fit in, and after falling in with bad company, I was at risk of ending up in jail, or dead.  I hope my Italian friends will forgive me for this post, I love you all, and you were never the reason for me leaving.  It was my situation which was in no way helpful to me.

One day, as I was told by my then girlfriend that she was pregnant, it dawned on me that I needed a fresh start, a new beginning.

So, we left Italy, and set off for the UK in search of a better, more fulfilling life.  We were full of hope, and had high expectations of what our lives should be once we reached these new shores.

Yet, as a hot-bloodied, hot-headed 20-year-old Italian, things soon turned sour.  Forgetting that I was running away from my own country, and that I wanted a new life, I started seeing how things were different in the UK, and quite stubbornly I set out to create my own subculture in my new home country.

I only kept the company of other Italians, criticised my surrounding and the culture that accepted me no matter how different I was, and failed to learn the language and to integrate.  This went on for a few years.

I began building my new life, but continually failed to integrate, and set forth to maintain my own, very personal, and very skewed, cultural identity.

Until one day, while I was walking my dog in the park, I met this lovely woman, with her two boxer dogs.  As we were chatting, I was complaining about the UK, and how bad things were, and how different life was from Italy, and how intolerant people in general were.

She looked at me, in a very motherly and loving way, winked at me and said “well, when in Rome do like the Romans do, huh”.  She didn’t really say much else on the subject, we switched to talking about the dogs, but she did become a very good friend eventually.

That was the beginning of my cultural awakening.  It didn’t happen overnight, it took quite a few years, but I began taking an interest in the Brits.  I started communicating, interacting, and somehow integrating.

My command of the English language improved very quickly, my understanding of the rich and diverse composition of the British society increased exponentially.  I started understanding different accents, different subcultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.  My career prospect improved dramatically.  The number of people I could call friends noticeably increased.

The UK slowly begun to be and feel like my new home.  My perspective changed, and I did finally fit in.

Now, when I complain about the UK, it is not as a foreigner who wants to replicate the life and culture of his old country, but it is as a naturalised Brit, thinking about my fellow Brits, and our collective welfare.  My interest in politics is not to subvert the system, but to improve it.  My love for the country is not because I am running away from another country anymore, but because I just love the country that gave me hope, a future, and a fulfilling life.

I now live in the Philippines.  I didn’t run away from the UK looking for a better life.  The UK is, and always will be my true home country.  I am just following my heart, and chasing the tropical sun.  But one thing I learnt is that now while I am here, I am not going to criticise, or try to make this country adapt to me. 

It is my duty and responsibility to adapt to this country.  It is my honour to soak in and live the local culture, and absorb its richness and diversity.  Until I can fully integrate, I cannot, and must not complain about how things work.  I simply don’t know enough to judge.

So, as a forever immigrant, this is my advice to all immigrants.  Don’t try and change your guest country.  Don’t try and force your perspective.  Learn the culture, appreciate their tolerance, understanding, and patience.  Mix, integrate, and learn about them, and teach them about yourself.

There will come a day when you will be fully entitled to request change.  But until you learn, and accept them, just be grateful for their acceptance and welcoming open arms that they offer you.

11 Nov 2015


For many of us, as it is for doctors and scientists, life is black and white.  We look at something, and make a decision, an assessment, a judgement, based only on the look of that thing.

So, when a baby is born, a midwife or a doctor looks between their legs and pronounces to the eagerly awaiting parents whether it is a boy or girl. Then, when the baby goes home it is in a pink world of dolls and frilly dresses, or a blue world of cars and trousers.

Gradually some babies, as they grow, find that they prefer to play with toys aimed at the opposite sex and love those clothes too. If they have friends, they soon learn to be very careful with what they say and how they come across to them.

When they are really young, they become very confused, and miserable, and don't quite know why this is. Although some intuitively know very early on, others struggle to fit in, until there comes a time when eventually the feeling that they are in the wrong body gets stronger and stronger.

To fit in with what society expects is "normal" they try to smother those feelings and become very good actors. Some appear to be happy to the outside world with the "acceptable" life, while others have trouble to keep the illusion of happiness going. Unfortunately they find that they can only be themselves in secret. Some find that the wanting to be themselves is so incredibly strong that they can't smother it any longer.

At some stage, they will likely try to be their own selves, which will give them a huge relief, satisfaction, and sense of self-worth.  Wearing mom's or big sister's clothes shoes, and make up will be thrilling liberating, as it will be trying on dad's or big brothers clothes and accessories, depending on the child's own identity.  Or if it is later in life, they will secretly buy what they think would be suitable for them, pretending that it is for their girlfriend/boyfriend. They will mimic postures, mannerism, voices, attempting to find their true identities.  Those more gender-neutral will find other ways to test and assert their own perspective of their identity.

And this will be such a delicate, sensitive, and dangerous stage in their growth.  Their sense of self-worth, their confidence, their self-love impinges on people's reactions here.  Total, complete, unwavering, and unquestioning support, as well as absolute and loving acceptance are the only correct reaction that will enable the child to explore, assess, and determine their identity.

A few are lucky.  They have families that intuitively accept, support, and nurture the child with unconditional love.  Regrettably, most are not.  As parents, relatives, siblings, neighbours and friends, we may allow our own prejudices, beliefs, upbringing, and many other factors to interfere with the unconditional love that a child/person requires for a physical, emotional, and mental healthy development.

A child wants to be "normal", and need to feel that their behaviour, wishes, and identities are "normal".  Sometimes even to use the term "special" is sufficient to make the child feel different, and may cause issues in their acceptance of their selves.

Sometimes they may be accepted, but made to feel guilty for not having "come out" sooner, and for having lied.  Sometimes they can be made to feel that their identity is a burden to the rest of the family.  Sometimes they may be just told outright that what they are doing is wrong.  There are many nuances of acceptance, many shades of grey between the absolute unconditional love, and outright rejection.

Any of these nuances will destroy that happy feeling the child had when they tried their identity, as we said above, and like it.

Children just want their parent just the way they were before their coming out, and the change in behaviour, attitude, and sentiment of their close family is equal to grief.  The way they see is that they have lost their parents or their siblings,  Some feel it is like the person has died and they are missed very much and just want them to be as they used to be.

A lot of anger and abuse is heaped on them by people who don't understand and are frightened of what they don't understand. Some just can't accept that they are still the same person but just with another name and with a slightly different look. If this coming out is later in life, probably they will lose their job, which is a huge humiliation as they have done nothing wrong; and it takes away their opportunity to better themselves in their chosen profession and to earn a living.

With the increased popularity of scientific disciplines such as Quantum Physics, even scientists are beginning to notice that what we see, is not necessarily the reality of things.  We too need to learn not to judge the proverbial book by its cover.

Please just take a moment to imagine a situation where you are not allowed to be, dress, or behave the way your feel; or you are prohibited to love, kiss, or even  to be attracted to the person of your choice, as society demanded that you are someone that you simply are not .

You would be horrified and feel it was completely unfair and it would ruin your life. Just be very thankful that you don't have to force yourself to fit in.

10 Nov 2015

Removing other people's bad emotion from ourselves

 We all have the gift of empathy, to a greater or lesser degree.

Empathy is what enables us to be good human beings, it empowers us to understand what others are going through, and it facilitates us in helping those around us who are burdened by grief, sorrow, pain, and desolation.

Empathy is not just about negative emotions.  The say "laugh is contagious" is a clear example of this.  When we see someone happy, having a good time, and overall being joyful, that can spread, and we can bask in those sentiments.

However, at times, our empathy may pick up negative emotions from those around us.  It may be from a friend, or loved one, or it may be from a stranger we pass on the street.  It may even be from watching the news, or a documentary ... emotions float in the air, and we just pick them up.

In a previous post we already mentioned about how self-awareness can help us in identifying feelings that are not our own.

We may feel something that does not fit in with our daily experience, or something that is out of character, something that we have no reason to feel.

Identifying that the emotion is not our own is an important step in counteracting negative sentiments that we have just picked up.  However, sometime that may not be enough to shed it.

Watch this very short video for a practical, and extremely effective exercise to help you discharge anything that is not yours.  If it doesn't work fully the first time, simply repeat the exercise a few times.  If you go through situations where you are constantly subjected to other people negative emotions, simply repeat a few times a day.

We hope this will help you, share your comments below ...

15 Oct 2015

Various Reasons for Addiction


Those who are the most loved, are usually the ones who are also the most settled, stable, and lead happy lives.  Unfortunately, not everybody is lucky enough to be counted in this group of people.

Many of us, go through suffering at some stage in their lives, and this has a detrimental effect on their minds, bodies, and souls.  In this post we will look into one of the effects caused by bad experiences in people's existence, which is addiction.

People get addicted because they are looking to fill the emptiness that they feel inside, or are trying to get away from a bad reality.   Children who have been physically/mentally/sexually abused grow into insecure adults with low or no self esteem. They may have no actual memory of the abuse because they hide those terrible memories in a box in their head, which they lock very securely, just to make sure they will never remember those anguishing times, and that they will never have to deal with the pain again..

They just feel completely worthless without knowing why. They just have the words as a voice in their head of what their abusers told them. Things they were told include that they are stupid, liars, will never amount to anything, ugly, or if they weren't so attractive they wouldn't have been abused, and nobody will ever love them; and they have been used not to be allowed to have an opinion.

So, they have now grown up into adults who believe they are either ugly, or that by being attractive they are in danger; the latter ones will also be likely to put on weight to protect themselves. They are so scared of failing that they would never put themselves in a situation where in their own minds they might fail.

As they don't trust themselves, and never had the practice, they can't make decisions so are easily influenced by other people and often become completely dependent on them; as they feel unloved.  Although they don't trust it, they are desperately looking for approval and a family to belong to.

Unfortunately this means being further manipulated and controlled, which makes that voice in their head repeat the words of their abusers, to have even more power.

To make themselves feel better, and being easily swayed by stronger personalities, or just wanting to fit in, they try drink or drugs, which helps them feel wonderful. Unfortunately they wake up later and this wonderful feeling has gone, and they now feel even worse. They need more of it to get that first feeling, which starts the downward spiral of addiction.

People with low self esteem display this by being shopaholics, workaholics, alcoholics, drug addicts, sexaholics, compulsives, anorexics, and bulemics. They are all trying to feel better or numb the pain.

If this is you, we will discuss in a later post how you can improve your situation, get rid of addiction, and start leading a "normal" and happy life.  If, instead, you know someone who has some form of addiction, we will also discuss how you can help them stop their suffering.

12 Oct 2015

Ensuring Healthy and Happy Relationships

Camiguin: The horizon

Relationships are supposed to be the best thing that happens to us in this earthly life.  Finding a soulmate that shares our path, gives us love, and appreciates our love, a shoulder to cry on, a rock to lean on, that makes us stronger, and fulfilled is truly a gift.

However, relationships can so often, and tragically, turn into alienating experiences and re-shape our life, and perspective, and our sense of self-worth in the most destructive ways.

There are, however, a few things we can do to check that our relationships turn out to be better than we could ever have dreamt, instead of into our worse nightmare

First, and foremost, a good relationship goes far beyond attraction, and it is necessary to actually LIKE the person as well. NEVER have to excuse their behaviour or accepting blame for their failure to return our love appropriately, or for their inability to behave in a loving and considerate manner.

A good relationship is based on frank and open exchange of opinions, and being prevented from doing so is always a resounding alarm bell.   This can cause us to become stuck into a relationship for fear, instead of love.  It is better to be alone, than to be in an abusive and threatening situation.  After all, being alone means having the choice of someone else.

Being ALLOWED to be with friends and family is also essential.  Although a couple is meant to be together, it is also composed of two individual, each with their own lives, wants, and needs, which include one's own family and friends, if so desired by the individual.  While constructive criticism of our life choices can be productive, there is a difference when someone is constantly critical of your nearest and dearest, and of our life choices. 

Lastly LISTEN if your friends and family don't like them. It could be that they don't want you to spend all your time away from them, in which case you are perfectly within your right to ignore their opinion.  However, they might also be expressing their concern at how you are being treated, in which case it is definitely in your interest to heed their advice.

Be aware of how a Manipulator/Abuser operates. They will choose an insecure person who is so grateful for the attention that they will hang on their every word. To start with they will be wonderful to be with making the victim feel so protected, making all the decisions:-

What they should wear, ordering for them in restaurants, what the victim should cook and at what time.

However, the risk is that they will, gradually, isolate the victim from their nearest and dearest, or stop them from pursuing their interests, saying that they only need each other. The Manipulator doesn't want anyone around to give support to the victim, or to have their own outlet, after all their hard work to brainwash them. 

If that happens, the victim will grow eventually to think that they are deeply loved and anything done or said is for their own good.  This is when acceptance of abuse becomes entrenched, and at its most difficult to escape.  The victim will also be made to believe that nobody would want them. 

Love is about freedom, understanding, exchanges of bodies, minds, souls, and emotions, in which both partners are equally strong, and equally vulnerable.  Anything else is not worth pursuing.

If any of the above is familiar to you please realise THAT NOBODY WHO REALLY LOVED YOU WOULD EVER TREAT YOU LIKE THIS.

Don't be afraid to be alone, do not question your worth.  Allow someone else in your life who will love you, accept you, and make you stronger than you ever imagined you could be.

The dark side

Full moon in sagittarius

As I was reading an interesting, albeit bleak, article the other day about the dark forces trying to take over the world (see The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/12/25/inter-dimensional-entities-behind-dark-agenda-thats-taking-world-2/), I thought it is important to touch on the subject on this website, which is primarily concerned with Spiritual development.

We cannot fail to notice these dark forces at work in our daily lives. Wars, corruption, abuse, hunger, pain, suffering, and despair are plain for all to see; and we may at times experience the brunt of evil ourselves.

This subject was already touched upon in a previous article (see http://www.spiritualsoul.xyz/2015/06/the-struggle-of-spiritual-soul.html). It is probably a subject worth delving deeper into, but in this specific post, I wanted to mention the effects, and perils, that these dark forces have in their spiritual form, rather than in the human form.

Once we set forth on our Spiritual journey, we will reach a point where our soul will prevail over our minds, and we will start walking the path of righteousness, for lack of a less intimidating word.

As we reach this stage, we will be fairly safe from the negative effects of dark, or evil if we want to call them so, spirits. Thanks to the law of attraction, when our light shines brightly, we will only attract spirits that dwell in the light too, and we will repel anything that doesn’t vibrate at a similar or higher frequency than that of our soul.

Personally, I have always believed that, unless one has a specific calling to deal, and fight, with dark spirits, we do not need concern ourselves with them. The light of our soul is sufficient to break the darkness, and it is a great contribution in the fight of good versus evil. The brighter the light that shines in the darker realms, the more the dark entities will be attracted to the light.

However, it is exactly when we cross this line in our Spiritual development that we will attract the interest of the darker spirits. As they see us shining bright, they will become concerned about the loss of darkness in their planes of existence, and about the reduction in their numbers, caused by any new powerful beam of light.

They can’t really touch us, or our souls, while we shine brightly, so they will use different tactics, and I would like to share my experiences, hoping that it may help others recognise the signs, and counteract their effects.

To explain this, I will first touch on where the light comes from. The light certainly comes from within, from our souls. It is like a powerful torch, a beam that envelops and surround us, and brightens the way on our spiritual path. However, like all torches, it does need to be charged. The more often it is charged, the brighter it shines.

The way we charge it is by connecting to the Life Force, to the Source, or as some may call it, to God. We can feel when we are connected as an energy that comes, or a light than aims directly, to the top of our skull, known to many as the crown chakra. We can feel when we are connected to it as a tingling at the top of our cranium, or some may feel a pulsating energy, at varying degrees, of the top of their heads.

This is the connection to Spirit, to the Source, it is what enables us to communicate with out Guides, our Higher Selves, and God. It is the connection to awareness, knowledge, understanding, insight, inspiration, all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. It is the Life Force, the Source of Love, and the Power of Change.

When dark spirits want to interfere with our Spiritual development, they envelop us in an impenetrable darkness. A darkness that stop this connection, and that hampers our communication with the higher, and brighter, planes of existence. This connection, is then replaced with a connection to the darker side, and communication starts from there.

At first, we will be unaware of this. We will still feel a connection, and we will still receive information. We will continue to shine, for a while, as a candle in the darkest night.

However, this connection will not give the usual light and energy to which we are accustomed. And the messages we receive will stop being enlightening, and soothing, and full of joy and love. They will slowly make us feel angry, resentful, sad, pitiful, and eventually bring darkness to our souls.

This will be such a gradual process that we may not even be aware of it to start with. We will eventually find ourselves wondering where has our energy gone. What has happened to us? We will still feel that there is a connection, there is communication, but this will not be as satisfying, fulfilling, wondrous, or energising as it has always been.

The longer this continues, the dimmer our light within will become, and the greater the negative energies surrounding us, until we become part of the darkness, and subjected to the dark forces.

At least this is the intention of the dark spirits. The more lights they extinguish, the darker the ethereal realms, the greater their numbers.

There is hope for us, however, as there is hope for the entities that live in the darkest spaces of the spirit world.

The Light is always there. It is praying for us. It is willing for us to reach out for it. It is stretching its loving hand, trying to catch us, to help us through the darkness. It is however conscious of free will, and it will wait for us to make the first move. After all, we can choose the darkness if we so wish, that is entirely up to us.

To get back into the light, all we have to do is to delve profoundly into the depths of our soul, and call out for it. That works like the flare used by shipwrecks’ victims, stranded in the loneliness of a desert island; it breaks the darkness, and opens a door for the light to reach us, and dig us out of our hole.

It is, however, important, to recognise the signs as early as possible. To understand that we have become victims of manipulation. It is the same as our physical beings being entrapped in an abusive relationship; the longer we stay in it, the more difficult it is to get out. And the more we are aware of what is “right”, and what is “wrong”, the easier it will be to identify our position.

We are beings of Light in any event, and being in the Light is the only place that will feel completely, absolutely, and unequivocally right.

4 Oct 2015

Different Ways to be Psychic

Everybody has the ability to be psychic. We all have gut instinct, intuition, or spidey senses which are all psychic information. Just building up trust each time we are right about what we know helps us to develop our psychic abilities. 

We can get information in two ways, one is by picking up energies, such as residual energy left in a place, or connecting to someone's aura.  In this way we can pick up events that have happened in a certain place, or even understand animals and plants, or can be aware of what happened to a certain person, what they feel, or what they wish for.

Another way is to get information from Spirit.  Spirit are more aware than us of what is happening, and they are less tied to time and space than we are, so the information that we can get from them is much more detailed, in-depth, and can even include glimpses of the future.  

There are many ways in which we can get information, but below are the most commonly known and used ways that we get our information.  When we read energy, we mainly use clairsentience, the others, including clairsentience, are when we communicate with Spirit:

This is seeing and hearing spirit very clearly just like they would see and hear you. This can work either subjectively, inside your head like a film and hear by thoughts,  memories and ideas, or objectively, which when you see them outside of your head, like seeing orbs, or people standing in front of you.  When seeing objectively, however, communication still takes place subjectively, i.e. in your head. 

This is getting messages from spirit not necessarily knowing the background information about them. The messages received by Spirit are usually for someone alive, a friend or a loved one as Spirit miss the living as much as the living miss those who have passed away.

This can either be by picking up energy, such as an aura, or a residual energy, or by feeling spirit, picking up on how people are feeling, how people felt a long time ago and feelings like they are angry and tired. I have a friend who cannot go sightseeing because she feels everything that has gone on there and it makes her feel sick. I just have information of the ruin and so I know and see in my head what went on. These people tend to have some emphatic ability too, so they gather all the feelings of others and often think that they are their own. There will be another article about how to deal with this.

This is when we hear spirit clearly, or as in my case thoughts and information in my head.

Some people have all these abilities, and more, while some just have one or two.

21 Sep 2015

Spirit Guides

Sandy beach

Everybody has a Guide given to them when they are born, who is a spirit, and who is not a passed over member of your family.

Family, friends, or pets who have passed over will often visit to make sure you are all right. 

Guides have had many lives and so are very experienced;  They are available to help and support their charges. They can change the way they look to appear as kids to little ones so they can play with the lonely or cheer up the abused and provide companionship as "imaginary friends". 

If you watch little ones while they are playing, they are often looking in the same place and chattering away to that place and offering a toy. This is usually their Guide, or a child spirit who is playing with them. Please don't tell kids they don't exist, as they see and hear them as they see you, and it will confuse them.

Sometimes a spirit visits a place where they had a past life and only see the house they lived in and not what is there now so are surprised to see strangers. 

If this happens, and you have pictures falling off the wall, hear banging, or things going missing just say "please calm down we want to be friends". If you feel threatened let me know and I will remove them. I do that quite a lot. Simply get in touch through my Google+ +Cathy Freeman page.

Often adults tell me that they had friends in their childhood.  The names were, for instance, Cabby and Shabby, but actually their real names were Kabbala and Shabbala, but they could not get their tongues around their actual names when they were little.

Many times people have an interest in certain things because their Guide has knowledge of it. Many times I have been told that " I have been writing, painting etc, and don't laugh, but I have this strange feeling that someone is helping me." When I tell them who their Guide is it all makes sense. One client who had a Samurai Warrior as a Guide found martial arts quite easy particularly the old ones.

If people develop their psychic abilities they will be given other Guides as and when they need them.

You can talk to your Guide or any family or friends who have passed over even though you can't see or hear them, and a memory or thought coming in your head is their replying to you. Usually in the way they spoke when family or friends were alive or a scent that you would recognise.

17 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: TOGETHER

Sta Cruz

We are born alone, and we die alone.  

How often have heard these words?  

And how often have we felt lonely, even in a crowd.  

But loneliness is a human condition that has no place in spirit.  

For when we are spirit, and our souls shines through, the love that binds us keeps us together, in an eternal unity that joins us to each other, and to the Creator.  

Fear not, for you are never alone.

16 Sep 2015

Religion vs Spirituality

Sunset at Sampaloc lake

Yesterday I was asked why people would freely decide to be subjugated to a religion. Not only those who grew up within the confines and teachings of any religion, but in particular those who join a religion later in life.

Personally, I was raised as a Catholic, but have always shied away from the limitations of religion. Firstly, the concept of a god that would decimated entire cities, require human sacrifices, and expected its faithful subjects to give their virgin daughters to satisfy the primordial needs of their guests, appalled me and insulted my sensitivity and sensibility. Additionally the rituals, concepts such as infallibity, and the obtuse belief in predefined and irrational dogmas, were unquestionably unacceptable.

With time, however, I learnt to appreciate that religion gives some comforts. The first is a sense of belonging. The participation in a community that shares values and experiences is a very important aspect in the expectations of the social human being. We are a gregarious animal. Integration is an essential requirement for an emotionally settled person.

Another of religion’s comforts is tradition. Somehow participating in “traditional” activities and practices seems to give people a sense of wholeness.

The final positive, for those who find it so, aspect of religion is “submitting” to a higher power. Since the most primitive societies, humans have been in awe about the beauty and power of our surroundings. Few would argue, although some do, that there is not a greater knowledge and power Creator and Engineer of all that surrounds us.

However, two additional factors need to be taken into consideration. Not many of those who do a similar analysis account for these additional aspects. These are mental acuity, and spiritual development.

Concerning the first one, I do not actually mean "smartness". Many smart people, even scientist, will say that they are religious “because” of their intellect and knowledge.

In mentioning mental acuity, which could also be interpreted as mental elasticity, I in fact refer to the ability to think independently.

Many, many people feel the need to be told what to do, need to be guided through each step that they take in their lives. Even amongst spiritual people, for example, many prefer a guided meditation, to a free meditation, just to make a very simple example, although many more come to mind.

This is not necessarily a sign of dumbness; on the contrary, many smart people like to be guided too. It is more a matter of self-confidence, or lack thereof.

This brings me to the second factor, which is spiritual development. Somehow, it would appear that when reaching a certain level of spiritual awareness, a new level of understanding “clicks” into place, irrespective of intelligence.

Those who have reached a certain level of spiritual awakening will be capable to contact their higher selves, possibly be able to do exercises such astral travel, and to have witnessed the power of the Source in some way or another, even if just as occasional glimpses.

This is what enables a person to gain the confidence to think unreservedly, and it is what frees them from the need to be guided, led, and of belonging to any religion.

At the risk of contradicting some previous posts, I must say that, regrettably, religions are very primitive. However, the problem is not the religion itself. The issue is that the leaders have not achieved the level or spiritual awakening necessary to lead their flocks through their own spiritual journeys. In most cases, it is really a case of the blind leading the blind.

And this is the reason why religions have become a source of hatred, intolerance, and prejudice.

I would like to conclude by stating that religions, with their limited understanding, and obliging beliefs, are a potential first step on the path to spirituality. There comes a time when spiritual awakening unequivocally make us step away from the constraint of religion, enabling us to commune directly with God and doing away with the limited comforts it gives.

However, as we too are on a spiritual journey, we should not condemn those that are lagging behind, but encourage them without judging.

Everybody will eventually reach the necessary spiritual enlightenment to have direct access to the Source and bask in its Love and Glory.

All we need to do is being supportive, sympathetic, understanding, and allow them to make whatever mistake they need to make for their own progression. Very much like a loving parent does with his or her own children.

15 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: PATH

Sunset over Manila

Follow your path.  

Dive into the depth of your soul and let the light within show you the path, and brighten the lives of those around you, so that they too may find the light within them, and they too may follow their way.  

For the darkness of this world is not as dreary when your soul shines through.  

And when all our souls shine together, the sky brightens up and all can see their paths.

Lack of self-esteem


All kids are naturally psychic.  

That is until adults tell them that their imaginary friend isn't real, or that what they are doing is bad or evil.  Also, if the child gives away psychic information that is embarrassing, or a secret, and that the family want to keep hidden, the kid will be in a lot of trouble.  They will be told that they are lying, or have a vivid imagination, or the usual accusation that they have  disappointed the adults.  Or worse still, they are beaten into submission, so that they keep quiet.  

Usually children who are either neglected, physically, mentally, or sexually abused, develop psychic ability to distance themselves from the abuse.  As they grow up they still have this ability but fear it as the adults in their lives have told them that it was very bad and even evil.  So when they see a spirit and hear it, they think they are going mad or that they are cursed. 

When they discover from someone like me that they are neither and find that I am psychic and love it, slowly they relax.

Usually the abuse is so bad that they hide the memory away in a file in their head and remember nothing except for the feeling of being worthless,  unlovable,  and lack confidence and self esteem. 

They feel that everybody is looking down on them, although in reality nobody is.  Also, because they need a confidence boost they drink too much or take drugs.  They find that they need more and more  "help" to get the same effect so they find that the "help" is controlling their lives in what easily become addiction.  

They cannot fill the void with shopping and cleaning etc., and don't seem to realise that the only way to feel better about themselves is to stop telling themselves off like the adults in their childhood did. 

You are not stupid, you will amount to something,  you are loveable and you will not turn into those adults.  

For example, a client of mine had all her hopes and dreams crushed by her parents so badly that she was too scared to hope in case that was smashed too. I told her happiness was everybody's right and this time it wouldn't be taken away.  

If you see things and hear voices you are not mad you are psychic.

Cathy Freeman
Psychic Healer and Life Coach

14 Sep 2015

Psychic awareness

footsteps in the sand

Psychic information such as knowing who is calling before you answer the phone,  disliking someone at first sight and being proved right, or thinking  "I knew that would happen". 

Noticing every time you are right is building up your trust in the  information in your head which will gradually build up and develop your  psychic abilities.  

I see things in my head like a film when I close my eyes and information is like a memory or thought although others see things in front of them and hear clearly

Cathy Freeman
Psychic Healer and Life Coach

Thought of the day: AWAKEN

Bukidnon lanscape

Awaken fully, bravely, and uncompromisingly. 

Do not allow the needs of this material world, and ambition, envy and comparison with your fellow man to entrap your soul into the inexorable spiritual stagnation that material concerns often cause. 

Challenge your reality, stretch your perception, and endure the consequences of what it is to be different. 

Only the singularity afforded by opening your heart and allowing your soul to guide you can ensure that you will not spoil this physical leg of the eternal journey to spiritual awareness. 

For the journey is long, and every step of the way we move forward will guarantee the next step to be easier, brighter, and happier.

12 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: DEPTH

how deep is the sea ...

Think of how deep is the sea. 

If you are on a boat, you can only glimpse at the waves, and what is a few feet below. You may see some corals, some fish, and a little life. 

But can you say that this is all that there is to the sea? 

Only by diving deep we can become aware of its life, its contents, its secrets and everything that lies below. And deeper we dive, the more we find in the great abyss what is still undiscovered. 

So is life, and so is the soul. 

If we just glance on the surface, we can see very little. We can understand very little. We must questions. 

What is there below the surface? 

We must explore, unafraid, and uncompromisingly. 

The deeper we go, the more we will understand about the reality of life, and the infinite knowledge that is given to an enlightened soul. 

The more we explore, the more questions will come to us. The more questions, the more we will need to plunge deeper and deeper. 

That is the purpose of our journey. 

Not to live life as simple passengers on a travel, but as explorers with a never ending thirst to understand

11 Sep 2015

Eagle Wings: analysis of a Spirit Teacher

Eagle Wings, by Lois Ruiz
Eagle Wings, by Lois Ruiz

Some may have noticed that there is a new category in this blog, and that there have been some mentions of a certain Eagle Wings.

So, I thought I owe our readers some kind of explanation about who Eagle Wings is.

To keep it short, Eagle Wings is a Spirit Teacher who has been kindly talking to me, and inspiring many articles that I have written and published on this blog.

When he first contacted me, he has shown himself as a very tall Native American who looks like the one in the drawing at the top of this post.

However, those who are familiar with Spirit communications probably know that interaction with Spirit is full of symbolism. Also, the way they appear to our physical selves is usually in a way that we can accept and understand. They really do not like to freak us out!

Furthermore, as I am being constantly reminded by those Spirits who bless me with their teachings, advice, and wisdom, is that it is not the messenger that is of value but the message itself. We seem to place an obtuse value on who a person is, what they have published, how famous they are, and how much money they are making that it overshadow the intrinsic value of the content of a given message.

With this premise, it is only natural to ask: “who is Eagle Wings”

Is he a Native American?

Before answering the question of whether he is actually Native American, we have to look at the symbolism of a Native American character.

To me Native Americans bring back memories of being a child, in the 70s, when there was an abundance of Western genre movies being produced and shown both on TV and in cinemas. Playing cowboys and “Indians” was an almost daily occurrence, and I was possibly the only juvenile in the playground who always wanted to be the “indian”.

I have always been one to take the side of the underdogs and of the oppressed, but even with my na├»ve perspective, I did know that there was something “cool” about Native Americans.

As I grew up and read up more about the many cultures and facets of what is included with the overgeneralised term “Native American”, I was always attracted by their very spiritual nature. Their search and communion with spirit animals. Their awareness and intimacy with nature. Their struggle to retain a very important and valuable heritage in the face of an invading, callous, profiteering, and soulless invader that we the white men were, and still are.

In many respects, the Native American figure represents the modern spiritual soul in search for enlightenment, balance, and a return to nature; grappling to survive and to strive, writhing against the modern social engineering being currently enforced by the money-centric ruling elite of the contemporary civilizations.

So, my conclusion is that he probably is not a Native American. His form and presentation is a symbol of what a modern spiritual soul should strive for, in terms of attitude, perspective, and in terms of the challenges we face on our spiritual journey.

Is his name really Eagle Wings?

The question around his name is a very interesting one. Eagle wing is a Native American legend of a person who was bestowed with special gifts by a magic bison, in return for the promise to always protect buffalos. One day, however, he betrayed the buffalo. Simply click on this link to read the story.

I did ask him if this was his real name, and he replied that it was now. I asked him why he chose such name, and he answered that we must never forget our mistakes. I further enquired why he used the plural, as the character in the legend is called Eagle Wing, not wings, and he explained that he made the same mistake more than once.

Again, this is very likely not his name, but it is a great symbol. We are so often told that we must forgive ourselves for our mistakes. And that is true to a certain extent, as we cannot allow our mistakes to destroy us. However, we must also never forget what we do wrong.

The pain, the angst, the shame that we feel in remembering our mistakes is what will help us in not repeating the same mistake again. And it is important that on our spiritual journey we learn, move on, and avoid falling into the trap of going through our lives in circles.

Is he a Spirit Teacher?

In the traditional sense, Spirit Teachers have come through mediums in a trance state, and have given their teaching to an audience.

I cannot in any way claim that my current psychic and mediumship gifts enable me to achieve a trance state.

I have also explained to my guides that I do not want to be put in a trance. There is no point in being a medium, in my mind, if I cannot remember the events that have been sparked through me. Relying on an audience to tell me what happened, or depending on recordings, in my opinion, is not a fulfilling or satisfying way to use my God given gifts. Second hand information is, well, second hand … and it has a limited value.

It is undeniable that these ideas and writing are not the work of my mind, and are beyond my knowledge and experience. As such, they do come from a higher source.

It is also clear that what words, concepts, values, and lessons are given to me have a great value, and can be considered teachings without the shadow of a doubt.

Having made my point, I shall deter from digressing further. You the reader have a soul, and an intellect. Make your own assessment.

Thought of the day: NEW

Horizons ...

Nothing is new.  

All life has been here before, and it is back here anew.  

All energy has been around for billions of years, and it comes back to fill us and move us and will continue to do so forever.  

But nothing new, does not mean old.  The freshness of each experience and of each day creates a unique newness that is sometimes difficult to understand or appreciate.  

Be grateful for many before us have felt what we feel, and many before us have shared the same experiences we have.  And yet, in our own eyes and perspective it is new.  

Delve deep into the spirit consciousness to gather the strength and be inspired by the answers that lie within to overcome your fears and your insecurities.  

For you are not alone.

10 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: DEEDS

with our heads in the clouds ...

Nothing disappears. 

From matter to matter. From Life to life. From Soul to Eternity, from Deed to Deed. 

When we die, our body turns into food for the creatures of this earth, and earth will provide new matter for a new life in the mother’s womb. 

When a flower wither, its life will go to another flower to blossom and let us enjoy its beauty. 

When we pass away, our soul simply goes to another plane, and then to other planes still, for eternity.
So our actions do not disappear. Whatever good or evil we do, they do not disappear, but become new deeds from someone who has received our own act. 

We may forget, our friends may too, but a lasting legacy is left from anything we do. What legacy that is, it is up to us. 

Choose wisely.

9 Sep 2015

Thought of the day: HAPPINESS


Some say happiness is fleeting. Happiness lasts just an instant. Live in the moment, or you will lose it.

How dim such view is. How sad a life that is made but of fleeting moments of happiness. 

Happiness comes from within. Happiness is a state of being. Happiness is from inside your soul. 

Let your soul shine through, and happiness will overflow. 

No difficulty, hardship, or sorrow can contain the happiness of the soul. 

For it is the sadness, the gloom and doom of our lives that is fleeting, temporary, and that will soon disappear. 

The happiness of our souls is eternal. 

Leave in the moment, but learn from your past and look forward to the future with your soul guiding your every step of the way. That is where real happiness lies

8 Sep 2015

Put a little TENDERNESS in your life

By +Cathy Freeman

Thought of the day: SOUL

breath in ...

You are your soul, and your soul is you.

How easy it is to forget our essence and to be caught up by our daily chores and activities.

We feed our bodies and yet so often forget to feed our souls.

And then unhappiness overtakes our lives. We try to make sense of it and feel trapped by the money, food, politics, health cycle that make demand upon demand on our minds and attention.

Yet, all it takes is a little spirituality. Feed our souls just a little. Watch a sunset, observe children playing, pray a little, and suddenly life is not as taxing or as depressing as it was a few minutes earlier.

Feed your soul, and you will be a step closer to happiness

6 Sep 2015

Some valuable concepts from the Spirit Teacher Eagle Wings


To be eternal is a great feat.  Some may be filled with arrogance at the thoughts “I cannot die, I will never die”.  Some other may be tempted to be lazy “I have all eternity, plenty of time to learn”.  Yet, the thought to be eternal should be humbling.  The whole of eternity is barely enough to fulfil our potential.  It is just the minimum length of time required to become all we can be.  Human life is just a baby step.  All the years of experience are just a drop in the ocean of knowledge.  Like a baby, walking his first steps, hanging on to whatever it can to avoid falling, and exploring his surrounding, testing the strength of his legs and feet, so we too must take every moment to test our learning, and to ensure that we grow from it.  Step by step, experience by experience, learning that there is so much more ahead of us.


Imagine a mangrove tree rising from the water, under the rain.  Watch as the droplets of rain slowly fall from the higher leaves, to the lower ones, and then to lower ones again, until they enter the water, and become one with it.  This is the soul’s journey, from experience to experience, soaking up the essence of life, as we drop from leaf to leaf, until we join the sea of souls that is home.  Each unique, each individual, yet all equal, and all merging into each other.  Each experience we bring through life will be added to the experiences of all the other unique souls, to make us one with the Creator.


We each are one.  And we are one with the One.  And we are one with each other too.  Pride, competition, individualism, materialism, our struggle to be identified as a “one” in the society that dictates the rules of humanity makes us forget what being ONE really means.  The emphasis that society places on individualism makes us lose the intrinsic value that we have.  Being an individual the way society wants you to be, means being alone.  Means losing the true value of our humanity, and of our souls.  We were not created to be as such.  We were created to be at one with everyone, and everything, and God.


You seek the truth?  And how many of us do?  We are looking to find what is true, what is real, what is the essence of all.  And yet how many times have you refused, rejected, or fought the truth?  The difficulty with the truth is that we can only understand those truths that are within the realms of our understanding.  We are limited by our intellect, by our experiences, and by our beliefs.  We are sometime told to make a leap of faith, and accept concepts and ideas that we cannot understand.  And yet, how real are those to us?  How can we make sense of what we do not understand?  It is unreasonable to do so.  And that is the soul’s journey.  Not to be given the truth.  Not to be told what is real and what is not.  But to discover it.  Because discovery is the only way to understand.  And to understand is the only way to accept.  Patiently go through your journey, and you will learn all you need to learn within the constraints of your understanding, and of your acceptance.


Learning is excitement.  To discover new ideas, new things, new beauties … that is the joy of life.  For what is a life without learning?  As a puddle of water that putrefies, and spoils, and rots, so are we without learning.  Without infusing new energy into ourselves, we will only lose the life that was given to us with so much love.  We will waste that love, and open the doors to misery and discontent.  

Alzheimer's and Dementia

A blue moon is not always blue ...
By +Cathy Freeman

I have been working as a Psychic Healer and Life Coach for many years at home and abroad.
While doing so I have helped clients who have a parent who suffers from Alzheimer. When I explained to them how their relative viewed their world (as detailed below) it helped them to understand. This put to rest the hurtful feeling that they had been forgotten, unloved or were being punished for something they had done. This changed the caring or visiting of the parent from dreading it into a joy for them as there was no fighting, crying or hitting. Actually one client had lots of fun and laughter as her dad repeated what chats he had had with various dead acquaintances and learned a lot from them.

This applies to both men and women alike but for the clarity of this explanation I am going to use a woman. Everyone has the ability to be psychic but it is the strong logic in some that prevents them believing and trusting in something they cannot see and think it is only their imagination. Many of us have a gut feeling or I knew that person was ringing before I picked up the phone or I was right to not trust them on sight. These are all examples of psychic information which are in our head in the form of our thoughts but the logical part of us often ignores the information not trusting it.

When we have Alzheimer's the logical part of the brain deteriorates and so allows us to see and hear spirit without our logic blocking it and not trusting it. When she got this condition she started living as if she was in her twenties again so she had no memory of anything after that. Her husband was young and full of vigour in her eyes so couldn't understand why this old man is pretending to be her husband. Her children are young in her eyes so that is why she thinks her grandchildren are her kids and calls them by her son or daughter's name and thinks that her actual kids are her cousins or friends.

She often called her son by his father's name as he looked like him at that age. She would ask
to go home by which she meant her old home that she lived in when she was in her twenties.  That is why there are reports of patients ending up at their old homes and getting upset when a stranger opens the door wondering why nobody is doing anything about her house being stolen.  She was frightened when she looked in the mirror and found that the person looking back at her was a stranger and not the young person she expected to see.

When she talked to herself she was actually talking to her sister who had passed away and saw her as if she was there as clearly as she sees you. When she said she has just had a lovely chat with her dead sister the carer should say that that is nice and how is she and what did she have to say. If she just comes out with information about the family it's probably from one of these chats.

Covering up mirrors or removing them will help and never correcting what she says, just going along with her, will prevent her becoming scared and confused and think that she is being lied to. Its like you waking up one morning and finding that everyone and everything you knew has vanished so  nothing looks familiar and people are calling themselves by names you know and pretending to be them. How petrifying that would be and what a nightmare.

Also she sees people and her pets who have passed away like she sees you so if she is told
that the people or pets have died it will be the first time that she has heard that and will mourn for them so never say that. If she asks a carer to feed her dead pet the carer should ask where is it and then say I have fed him and he is fine. 

If she tells a carer that she has to collect her children from school the carer should say don't worry you just put your feet up and I will go and get them. Just remember that she quickly will have no memory of what she has said. A good way of explaining the presence of a partner is to say they were a friend of her parent so she will accept that and you will not get tears and she will happily have them around. The more you play along with her and enter her world the more relaxed and contented she will become.


This post is by +Cathy Freeman , Psychic Healer and Life Coach

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