28 Dec 2016

Duterte hero of a nation of staunch survivors

Hey there is typhoon, I better bring an umbrella!

As I am cowering in the relative safety of my cement house during typhoon Nina in Laguna, Philippines, watching the torrential rain and gale winds of a signal 3 typhoon on the other side of my window, there are many thoughts racing through my head.

Back home, we would probably be declaring a state of emergency. People would be crying foul over the lack of government intervention, the absence of emergency services in the stricken zones, the refusal of insurance companies to provide cover for those affected. There would be countless stories on the news about this or that person losing all their belonging, being made homeless, damaged cars … and a list of tragic stories to make our sensitive perception overwhelm with indignation and sorrow.

Yet here life continue as normal. Nothing stops a Filipino from doing everything they can to put food on the table of their over-sized extended family.

The shaky sari-sari store (the local version of a corner shop) is open. Mothers and fathers are there, buying food for breakfast, and their single-measure of shampoo and toothpaste so that they can get ready for work. Jeepneys and tricycles are still running, and as full as always of tired but loving workers who brave it all to make sure that those who depend on them will have at least some rice, and with a bit of luck something more, to eat. Some are even running on their mopeds, or on foot.

There is a typhoon, I'll wait for a jeep!
In the five years that I have spent here in the country-side (or as they call it here the province), it has been my honour and privilege to meet, mix, mingle and make friends with the masa (the masses, the average people). The people that live in kubo (bamboo huts), in wobbly houses made with planks of wood recycled from somewhere, or those who live in poorly constructed houses made with a mixture of cement and other materials, with tin roofs held together by stones and old tyres.

Filipinos are fierce, fearless, relentless, devoted to their families, committed to their responsibility of supporting their all-encompassing household which seldom exclude grandparents, uncles and aunties, and anyone else related.

Occasionally they might have a momentary lapse of a feeble complaint, but that doesn’t last long. They know that unity is strength against any adversity.

It’s not all rosy at home either. With such large clans, conflicts are frequent. But so are resolutions and acceptance.

And this is what makes Filipinos one of the most accepting people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They can be tactlessly direct, there is no political correctness here, nonetheless, they accept everyone for who they are, whatever they are.

And as I think about all this, I am beginning to understand why everybody likes Duterte. Not the privileged, not the corrupt, but the average person LOVE Duterte. They call him affectionately tatay, which means dad, and is often used for a granddad. Given Duterte age and the fact that the Philippines is a nation of young people, I expect most see him as a grandad.

This is how he (Duterte) behaves. Like a local granddad. Strict, foul mouthed, but loving and caring.

He is the one that supports the armed forces in their fights against local terrorist groups. No president before him has been seen on the ground, on the fighting line, as much as he has. He loves people, he personally goes and visit victims of typhoons, cancer patients, victims of terrorism, and anyone who has been hurt or violated.

He is clumsy, he doesn’t deal well with publicity, or the limelight, but on a personal level, people feel truly loved.

Duterte has made great improvement to the quality of life of the average Filipino in just a few months. From the new 911 service nationwide, to the war on corruption, the war on drugs, great investments opportunities from Japan and China, and potentially Russia that far outweigh the limited and conditional help received from America. New train lines and commuting options will be available soon (this is quite a big thing in a country with no National rails!); Traffic in Manila has improved and will continue to do so (this is again a huge issue in Manila where people spend more time travelling than they do working!); free education available from all state Universities from next year, and so much more that is too much to list here

And after countless generations where the interests of a few thousands elite has impoverished and abused a population of over 100 million people, who cares about the deaths of a few thousands drug personalities? For once, the interests of the millions outweighs the interest of the few.

Sure, the average person is afraid that they will be the next innocent victim, but all in all, it’s better to be an innocent victim but to have the hope of a better future than any other option.

And this is why Duterte is the national hero of a country of staunch survivors.

Talking to the person on the street, indeed there are a few very vocal dissenting voices, but overall everyone is in favour of the current of change that is sweeping the country. People don’t say much. The young will simply show a smile that brightens their full faces and say “Tatay? Yeah, he is great!”. The older will humbly smile and nod, and simply whisper “Duterte”.

It is difficult for us westerners to understand the appeal of Duterte. That is because we are far removed from the “real” lives of Filipinos. Our cultures are almost diametrically opposed. We come from countries where the nuclear family is the standard and where the Government is oppressively entrenched in even the smallest parts of our lives; how can we understand a country where the Government is almost completely absent and where large family group share the smallest living spaces? And even those of us who live here tend to be far removed from the realities of “normal” lives. Living in Makati, or in tourist areas, or in the relative protection of well-to-do areas, and mixing with the very small proportion of those who are in good jobs and can afford the better things in life, we get a skewed and unrealistic perspective of the reality of Filipino lives.

It took me a long time with my feet firmly on the ground to be able to understand, and I am still only scratching the surface, but I am humbled by the opportunity to have been able to do so, and I thank all Filipinos, and my friends in particular, for the important lessons that they have been able to teach this formerly spoilt westerner during my stay here.

Du30 is making a difference to the millions of Filipinos who have been neglected, and are disaffected and removed from the opportunities that a society should offer to all its citizens. I can only hope that he will be able to keep doing the outstanding job he has done so far to the end of his term in office.

6 Oct 2016

5 Oct 2016

The REAL meanings and uses of the Reiki symbols

Master Usui has indeed been gone for a while now. Yet, his teachings have preserved and informed generations of loving practitioners to continue his journey of spreading Healing throughout the world.

Regrettably, when wisdom is passed down from teacher to student, and as in the case of Reiki from thousands of teachers to thousands of students, these tend to be re-interpreted and slightly changed according to the teacher’s own understanding and construal.

Undesirably, this has caused Reiki to have become watered down, and not as effective as one would wish.

This is why, when we read about the benefits of Reiki in most of the publically available and in the most popular articles, we are mainly told about the calming and soothing effect, and about some very limited therapeutic outcomes.

This is very unfortunate. Reiki practitioners are very loving people with an extremely strong desire to help in general, and to Heal in particular. Because of this, many practitioners resort to “charge” their Reiki practice with things like crystals, kundalini, and many other techniques. Yet, this is not necessary. If used appropriately, Reiki can be very effective at treating all kind of ailments.

Over the course of many meditations, I was lucky enough to have been reminded by my Guide and Teacher of some information about the principles behind how to make Reiki work as intended, and I was asked to I share freely this information to enable other practitioners to fulfil their frustrated potential of Healing the world.

What is Reiki

It seems that most practitioners are familiar and reminiscent of the Ki part of Reiki, which is the Life Energy. I hear many speak of the Energy going where it is needed, as if by miracle. What we tend to forget is that this Energy is already there, in everything and everyone.

The important aspect, which we must never forget, is that this energy is actually manipulated and directed where needed by a Higher Intelligence. This is the Rei.

Reiki is the life energy being directed, manipulated and used by a Higher Intelligence to Heal body-mind-heart-and soul. It is important to understand that without this Higher Intelligence, Ki is simply a passive energy, present and working, but not doing much else.

This is where the four symbols come into play. More on this in the next section.

Before moving on, there is another important concept whose understanding is vital to the success, or otherwise, that we will have as teachers and practitioners.

We do not need to use symbols! This is so true. Intention is all that is required. Those more adept at the use of intention will have probably noticed that when one expresses intention, the crown chakra activates (I am using the term chakra simply as it is generally universally accepted name, but in reality we can call it anything else), but energy flows outward instead of inward.

If symbols are not needed why are they there? They are, put it quite simply, an invaluable tool in understanding the mechanics of Spiritual Healing (Reiki) and how, where and why we need to focus our intention. Symbols also help us in determine the background work we need to do on ourselves to be effective Healers. Symbols are mainly by the practitioner to work on the self.

The symbols

Without further delay, let us consider the symbols. In order to achieve a sensible conclusion on what they are, and how to use them, we need to take a step back, and look into what makes a person.

I mentioned above that Reiki brings Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul into balance, thereby Healing a person in its entirety. This, however, has many facets, and many implications.

Our bodies are limited to the current and present form we assume in this lifetime. Mind, Heart, and Soul, however, transcend time and space.

We consider Mind and Heart as two separate entities, simply because they are housed in two different organs in our body. However, research suggests that they work in unison with one-another. Reactions in the brain are associated to reactions of the heart. And there is sufficient empirical evidence to suggest that the Heart is the first to react, and the brains react a little later. This is why there is only one symbol for the both of them.

Those who accept the idea of reincarnation will be quick to understand why we transcend time and space. Those who don’t, however, will tend to accept the fact that our Soul is older than our body. For those who don’t like either of those approaches and who are keen on scientific evidence, Quantum Physics has some detailed theories and calculations that show that time is not linear, and we live through different time events. Whichever the preferred point of view, this is why there is a symbol to enable us to overcome time and space constraints.

Finally, we need to consider about the Rei in Reiki. The Higher Intelligence that enables the Healing to happen. And this is where the Master symbol comes into play.

It should be noted that there is not a specific symbol for Healing the body. This is because the body is self-Healing. Once we are able to bring balance to Heart-Mind-and Soul, the body will follow. However, one important point to consider is environmental factors. If we bring balance but the person persists in having an unHealthy life style, there is little we can do. However, if a person achieves a certain level of balance, they will themselves naturally change their lifestyle to match.

Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is in fact an invocation, a summoning. We are asking the Higher Intelligence to come to our aid, to assist, to do whatever appropriate in the circumstances.

It is quite common to feel a burst of energy coming through. Some may feel energy entering the body through the crown chakra, filling the whole body, and exiting through the hand.

It should not be uncommon, however, to also feel a “presence”. This is at the heart of Spiritual Healing. This is what enables us to actually Heal someone.

It is important to appreciate that the type and flow of energy, as well as who will help us in our Healing endeavours, is entirely dependent on our Spiritual Development, on our Vibration, and on our usage and understanding of the Master symbol.

If our belief in Spiritual Healing is not strong enough, if our understanding of the Divine Energy is lacking, if our ability to live by the five principles is incomplete, so will be the power we call on with Cho Ku Rei.

When we first begin our Reiki journey, we may simply receive energy. As we progress, both Spiritually and Professionally, Guides and Higher Spirit Healer will come to our aid.

This also implies that the higher our Spiritual Development and the greater our adherence to the five principles, the greater will be our ability to Heal.

Sei He Ki

This symbol is the one that allows us to access Heart-Mind and to a certain extent the Soul. When invoking this symbol we are simply asking the Higher Intelligence to fill the person with the Creator’s Eternal Loving Life Force.

There is absolutely no need to use this symbol with Clients. If we trust the Higher Intelligence to work on someone, we should already know that It will do whatever is necessary to Heal them. After all, we would never tell a brain or heart surgeon how to perform a procedure.

This is, nonetheless, a powerful symbol to use on ourselves. It is a recognition that in order to be effective Healers, we must first Heal ourselves. We must tackle all our fears and insecurities no matter how painful or difficult this process may be.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

This is another symbol that we do not need to use on our Clients. Again, we trust the Higher Intelligence to do what is necessary.

When we work on ourselves, and particularly when using Sei He Ki, it is important that we use this symbol too. So that we can deal with whatever issues, at whichever time, wherever and whenever these occurs.

It is another symbol that can make pain and bad memory surface, but it is nonetheless important to use it to ensure we can be as good a Healer as we possibly can.

Also, with time and correct use of this and the other symbols, by healing our past, our souls, hearts and minds, and transcending time and space, this symbol will enable us to become at one with our higher self.

Dai Ko Mio

This is probably the most misunderstood and wrongly explained symbol of them all. While it is true that it is the Spiritual symbol, it is not true that it is designed to Heal the soul, or that it encompasses the other symbols.

This is the Master symbol not because it makes us a master, but because it enables us to communicate with the Master, with the Higher Power that gives the Energy and Provide the Healing, with the Creator.

This is another symbol that we need to use on ourselves to help us develop a close and personal relationship with the Higher Intelligence that guides the Energy that Heals.

The greater our ability to live by the five principles, and the higher our vibration, also the closer our relationship with the Divine, the Greater Intelligence, and the more powerful the Healing we will be able to channel.


There are a few points that I hope I have been able to explain to the reader. Indeed, the concepts given to me during my meditations are deep rooted in principles of living a Spiritual Life, and I can only hope that I have expressed these ideas in a manner that is consistent with the teachings that my Guide decided to impart.

  1. The first point, is that we need to ensure that we call on a Higher Power before we begin any Healing session. 
  2. The second point is that we must work on ourselves to ensure that we lead a life that is consistent, and justifies our relationship with this Higher Intelligence, so that It may come to our aid and Heal. 
  3. The final point is that the higher our level of Spirituality, the greater the Healing. 

Everything else will follow.

None of this information is new to any practitioners. We have all been told at various stages. However, due to the external factors, such as articles, reports, experiences and many other contributing circumstances, which include marketing of irrelevant but lucrative alternative forms of Reiki, our belief in this Spiritual Healing method becomes shaken, corroded, corrupted, and we do not fulfil our intended potential of truly and effectively Healing.

Hopefully this article serves as a little reminder to those who need it. As my Teacher said: 
“Trust Rei Ki. Heal! “

24 Apr 2016

Manifesting a new You and a new Reality

These are exciting times to be alive in this World. A new wave of awareness is sweeping through the human race, and many, many people are attempting to manifest a new way to be true to themselves, and a new reality that is more relevant to their new-found balance with their Soul.

Much has been written about how to do this, and “manifesting” is a truly hot topic with many inspirational writers rushing to give their opinion, slant, and perspective on the subject.

I have been thinking about writing my own angle on this, instead I found the most eloquent and explicative explanation in the book “The Science of Being Great”, written more than 100 years ago by Wallace D. Wattles, and I am providing below an extract of “Chapter 21: A Mental Exercise”, which speaks for itself. I strongly recommend reading the whole book, which is freely available in many formats, including as an audiobook, on the internet. I would also suggest to read the whole “The Science of” trilogy, and his other works, as they provide an unbelievably contemporary Spiritual perspective. It is extremely humbling to see how such a long time ago someone would have touched on subjects which we tend to believe have only recently become relevant to the new generations.

Those who are uncomfortable with the use of the word God can simply replace every occurrence with Source, Spirit, Creator, or whatever is more intuitive.

Happy reading. Repeat the exercise below twice a day with all the conviction you can muster and the new reality you wish will manifest!

A Mental Exercise

First let your attention travel over your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, relaxing every muscle as you go.

Relax completely. And next, get physical and other ills off your mind. Let the attention pass down the spinal cord and out over the nerves to the extremities, and as you do so think: - “My nerves are in perfect order all over my body. They obey my will, and I have great nerve force.” Next bring your attention to the lungs and think: - “I am breathing deeply and quietly, and the air goes into every cell of my lungs, which are in perfect condition. My blood is purified and made clean.” Next, to the heart: - “My heart is beating strongly and steadily, and my circulation is perfect, even to the extremities.’ Next, to the digestive system: - “My stomach and bowels perform their work perfectly. My food is digested and assimilated and my body rebuilt and nourished. My liver, kidneys, and bladder each perform their several functions without pain or strain; I am perfectly well. My body is resting, my mind is quiet, and my soul is at peace.

“I have no anxiety about financial or other matters. God, who is within me, is also in all things I want, impelling them toward me; all that I want is already given to me. I have no anxiety about my health, for I am perfectly well. I have no worry or fear whatever.

“I rise above all temptation to moral evil. I cast out all greed, selfishness, and narrow personal ambition; I do not hold envy, malice, or enmity toward any living soul. I will follow no course of action which is not in accord ‘with my highest ideals. I am right and I will do right.”


All is right with the world. It is perfect and advancing to completion. I will contemplate the facts of social, political, and industrial life only from this high viewpoint. Behold, it is all very good. I will see all human beings, all my acquaintances, friends, neighbours, and the members of my own household in the same way. They are all good. Nothing is wrong with the universe; nothing can be wrong but my own personal attitude, and henceforth I keep that right. My whole trust is in God.


I will obey my soul and be true to that within me that is highest. I will search within for the pure idea of right in all things, and when I find it I will express it in my outward life. I will abandon everything I have outgrown for the best I can think. I will have the highest thoughts concerning all my relationships, and my manner and action shall express these thoughts. I surrender my body to be ruled by my mind; I yield my mind to the dominion of my soul, and I give my soul to the guidance of God.


There is but one substance and source, and of that I am made and with it I am one. It is my Father; I proceeded forth and came from it. My Father and I are one, and my Father is greater than I, and I do His will. I surrender myself to conscious unity with Pure Spirit; there is but one and that one is everywhere. I am one with the Eternal Consciousness.


Form a mental picture of yourself as you want to be, and at the greatest height your imagination can picture. Dwell upon this for some little time, holding the thought: “This is what I really am; it is a picture of my own perfect and advancing to completion. I will contemplate the facts of social, political, and industrial life only from this high viewpoint. Behold, it is all very good. I will see all human beings, all my acquaintances, friends, neighbours, and the members of my own household in the same way. They are all good. Nothing is wrong with the universe, nothing can be wrong but my own personal attitude, and henceforth I keep that right. My whole trust is in God.


I appropriate to myself the power to become what I want to be, and to do what I want to do. I exercise creative energy; all the power there is, is mine. I will arise and go forth with power and perfect confidence; I will do mighty works in the strength of the Lord, my God. I will trust and not fear, for God is with me.

From the book The science of being great, by Wallace D. Wattles

21 Apr 2016

The 6 habits of a Happy Empath

Imagine a world where every time we have a problem, or are going through a rough time, instead of being isolated, we would have people surrounding us knowing exactly what is going to make us feel better.

Imagine when we go through a good time, or good fortune, and those around us would not be jealous, but would be genuinely happy for us.

Imagine a place that wherever you go, people only give Love, Peace, and Joy. What a wonderful life would that be!

It is the role of the Empath to give Empathy and Love to those who need it. It is the duty of the Empath to learn and educate others, just in the same way as the loving mentor educated the child in the example given in the previous post. This will make the world just described a reality.

And here are the 6 habits that make a Happy Empath, who can live normally, socialize, and get out of the house:

1.      Time-out is OK!

I don’t personally believe that shutting off is a permanent solution. As stated in a previous post, shutting off the world is counterproductive as it makes us deny who we are, and the essence of our Soul and personality.

However, taking time out is ok. We all need to be given the chance to recharge every so often. “Me” time, and protection are a good way to achieve this when it all gets a little too much.

A great way to enjoy a break from external emotions was discussed here in a previous post available by clicking here.

2.      Know your emotions

This allows to clearly identify among what we feel, which are, and which aren't our emotions. This doesn't stop us feeling other people emotions, but it puts them into perspective

There is an article on this blog available at this link about this, so we will skip to the next step

3.      Embrace emotions

We were given intellect and heart for a reason. They are not in conflict. They complement each other.

Mustering each emotion is a thrilling, and fulfilling task. It amounts to sucking the marrow out of life.

Allow each emotion to fill you. Scan it. Analyse it. Dissect it. FEEL IT! And very importantly, learn what offsets it, what makes it better, what makes you learn, how it makes you grow, and how it remains part of you.

Once we overcome a difficulty, whether it is emotional or otherwise, we tend to put that difficulty into perspective, and seeing it as less daunting or overwhelming.

4.      Raise Your vibration.

This is achieved in many ways, including meditation, living by spiritual principles, and having a closer relationship with our Guides, Creative work also helps, as does being around happy people (even a good comedy show can help). This link from a previous posts give tips on how to start the day with a positive vibration

Remember that we are Souls trekking on the long road to eternity for whom a lifetime is an amusing county fayre, a welcoming B&B, or a holiday resort. Our Souls are always Happy, basking in Love, Peace and Joy. The higher our vibration, the closer we will be to this natural state of being.

5.      Send Healing and Love

Sometimes, we may be able to spend a while with a person who is feeling “down”. Doing this will sooth them, and help the healing process. Our Love, Empathy and Understanding will be appreciated and very helpful.

Other times we may be unable to do so. We may pick up sadness and low vibrations from passers-by, from strangers, from people who are far away. In this cases, we can send them healing. We are all healers to some extent, all we have to do is say: Thank You Universe (God/Source/Divine Spirit/Whatever you call It) for healing the person who has these feeling; Give them Love, Peace, and Joy.

6.      Educate

The Empath must also educate others. Everyone is capable of empathy. Everyone will need empathy at some point. If everyone were capable of offering Empathy, and the Love that people need to overcome their difficulties, we would be living in a better world.

We can teach by example. When others see Empaths giving them Love and Joy, they will tend to do the same. They will be naturally drawn to develop their empathic abilities.

We can also share our knowledge and experience. Help people reflect on their emotions in the same we would with a child.


A better world is at hand, and we can help create it.

The Divine Gift of Empathy is a great ability to make a positive and long lasting contribution to the spiritual development humanity.

As Empaths, we can give not just Love, but the Empathy needed by those who are going through negative experiences to overcome them. We can also share in the joy of those are experiencing positive times.

All we need to do, is break through the initial trauma and difficulty of being overwhelmed.

Empathy: The definitive guide

No one is born an empath. We learn Empathy through personal experiences.

We can see this in children. A child whose ice cream melted and fell on the ground will empathise with another child who has the same experience. A child who received an unwanted gift at Christmas, will empathise with someone else in a similar situation. A child who has been bullied, will be able to empathise with a child who is going through the same experience.

In fact, we do recognise that children are not naturally empathic, and good mentors will always assist the child in learning one or more lessons from each experience, so that they can empathise with others when appropriate. For example, if the child plays a competitive game, and their team loses the match and their friend on the opposing team taunts them, an attentive advisor (whether parent, family, family friend, teacher, or whatever else) will not only make the child feel better by way of encouragement, but will also help the child reflect on their feelings, so that s/he will be more “empathic” when the roles are reversed. So for example one would say “Aw, it doesn’t feel good that he’s taunting you, does it? But you played a good game even if you lost. So, now you know what your friend feels like when you win and then taunt him. Maybe next time you can say something to make your friend feel better …” or something of the sort.

We can easily see how Empathy is not innate, but it is learnt. There are therefore degrees of Empathy. The greater the personal experience, the higher the degree of Empathy and the capability to learn an important positive lesson. Let’s spend a few words on the general details. Let us divide them into two categories: Basic, and Advanced, and then we will look at Empathy over multiple life-times. This while making the assumption that there varying depths and degrees to each.


Basic Empathy:

The basic of emotions are those related to physical symptoms, and what we actually feel. They will tend to be raw, even primordial, and the subtle differences between the various nuances of specific emotions will not be evident.

This is usually one of the first signs that we are empaths.

This is the scary period. We only have a small bank of emotional information through personal experience, and yet our Soul’s journey impels us to start using our limited knowledge to spread the Love that only comes through Understanding.

First of all, the good news. At this stage we don’t pick up all emotions, only the ones we can relate to.

However, the aspiring Empath, will still be able to pick up many NEW emotions. And this is what causes issues to most. The new emotions are confusing, and not very accurate, and need to be interpreted. Fear and Excitement, for example, have very similar physical symptoms, but are intrinsically very different. Similarly, there are diferent degrees of emotions, such as love with a lower case l and LOVE in upper case letters. And even XXX Love, and many other kids.

This stage is when it’s easiest to block off other people’s emotion. It is possible for the aspiring Empath to put themselves in a bubble, and shield away from any potential disruptive emotion. Sometimes this is done spiritually, i.e. by grounding, placing ourselves in a bubble of light, etc. Sometimes this is done physically, i.e. by shutting ourselves away, using drugs and drink to dull the sense, or any other “trick” we may use to create that invisible protection that we feel we need.

The inevitable consequence of this turmoil is that because we do go through this experience, we grow into being better Empaths as our wealth of experience is earning interest!

Once aspiring Empaths overcome this issue, and embrace their Divine Gift of Empathy, it is possible move on to the next stage.

Advanced Empathy

Let us take a child that falls in the mud. On an occasion the child finds it fun, ends up rolling in the mud and laughing. When the child has the same experience with a friend, the child will behave expecting the same kind of experience, and their friend is likely to absorb this energy and expectations. Now let us say that this same child slips on some mud, while having fun rolling in it, falls and is hurt. This will put the whole thing into a new perspective. Our experience is added to the overall emotional library of our life so far.

Now let’s take it a step further. Let us say that the child’s friend quite insensitively makes fun of the child for getting hurt. Again, this is added to our experience. And at the next iteration, when the friend is hurt, the child will have the opportunity to either make fun of them, or be kind like he would have liked to have been treated.

It is therefore possible to conclude that the more of these experiences we go through, the more fine-tuned our understanding of each emotional state, and we will be the better equipped to help those who go through similar experiences.

Although this in-depth learning is a good factor in our Empathic development, what really makes it advanced is not for the faint of heart.

To be an advanced Empath, one must be willing to embrace any emotions, new or old, and to learn from them and further advance their knowledge.

There is no protection at this stage This is, at least Spiritually speaking, the point of no return.

Empathy through multiple lives

On the long road to eternity trekked by our Souls, a lifetime is the equivalent of an amusing county fayre, a welcoming B&B, or a holiday resort. So, there is no reason why our Souls might not have been, or will not be, another being. We could have been an Inca, or an African leader, or a Chinese Merchant, an Italian painter, or a Pirate. We could have been Angels. We could have been ancient gods. Or even aliens.

It must be remembered, though, that even those who have seen their past lives either through Life Regression, or through Epiphany, only see those lives that are understandable to them at a specific stage in their human life.

This has two important implications. The first is that we are only given what we can understand, or what is going to trigger us into remembering important lessons we have learnt on other lives. The second is that our development is limited by our own human reality.

We are born with little memory of our Souls. For us, in our present form, to be able to use the experiences of our Souls, we must be able to understand them. And our ability to understand is limited by the learning during the current lifetime.

The older the Soul, the more the experiences, the more difficult it is to catch up with all the knowledge.

To facilitate this catching up process, our Souls can give us knowledge as long as we can understand it. So, sometimes experiences trigger this exchange of information where we end up knowing things we don’t have any reason to know.

In this manner, the advanced Empath, will eventually gain knowledge of emotions for which there are no experiences in the current lifetime to justify this knowledge.

The one thing to bear in mind, is that empathic people are usually old Souls, and Empathy is a symptom of all the lessons that our Soul has learnt on its spiritual journey. The greater the level of empathy, the older the Soul.

Shutting ourselves off is counterproductive, as it makes us deny who we are and the essence of our Soul and personality. Denying or shutting down our Empathy ends up having the same effects as overprotective parents have on their children, and it skews our perspective on life.

We have an amazing gift that can help us make the world a better place, and we should embrace it with all our heart and passion. 

On a positive note, advanced Empathy also enables us to share the good feelings that people have. Regrettably, when we are buried under the weight of huge amounts of negative emotions this escapes our attention


In the next article, the 6 habits of a Happy Empath, we will look at how we can use the knowledge gained so far to accept the It is the role of the empath to give Empathy and Love to those who need it; to fulfill the duty of the Empath to learn and educate others, and to be a Happy Empath.

19 Apr 2016

My Spirituality

The beauty of the swan

Raised by a devout Catholic family, it wasn’t long before I questioned Christian Teachings, and Catholic attitudes.

I was always surprised at the violence, intolerance, and vengefulness of the god of the old testament. When compared to the teachings of Love, Peace, Tolerance, and Charity of Jesus Christ, I could only arrive to the conclusion that the Old Testament is based on the word of a different god.

While the attitude of the Old Testament resonated with my testosterone induced, primordially guided, teenage mentality, the message of Jesus resonated on a much deeper level. My heart and soul approved and felt at peace with this latter message.

When considering this, and taking into account the warning against false prophets, and wolves in sheep clothing, it was a simple process of reasoning that lead me to believe that the different god of the Old Testament was a false god.

Maybe the Anunnaki really did exist. Maybe especially powerful being not of this world who claimed to be gods existed. Quite likely, the reality which we consider to be so in our times is not whole. Our knowledge is lacking, and our awareness is limited. It doesn’t matter.

What really mattered was that I could not accept to be part of a religion that obliges us to use faith to annihilate the power of reason. God gave us intellect; why would He want us not to use it? I clearly could not be part of a religion that imposed such nonsensical teachings.

Therefore, since an early age I begun to consider myself Spiritual, as opposed to religious. I knew there was a Force, and Energy, that beyond our comprehension was in charge of it all. I knew because He talked to me, and I to Him. I knew because I could see the miracle of creation on an hourly basis. I knew of other worlds, as I could travel there, and see them in  my astral travels. I knew and took for granted so many things that most people deny exist.

Long before the advent of Quantum Theory, I knew all the things that this new scientific branch is beginning to explain.

So, I lived with my beliefs, and soon learned not to share them with others to avoid being laughed at, or being labelled as crazy. Eventually, I even learnt to proudly accept this craziness as the ability to understand beyond the capability of others.

More recently, I became aware of Spiritualism. At first I embraced it, feeling it encompassed most of my understanding of the True Reality. I felt that I finally found my Religion and even wrote a post about it.

Yet, this one religion was to let me down as much as Christianity did. I still found ego-filled promoters that looked down on others and believed themselves better than most for their alleged enlightenment. I found rules and beliefs that defied my intellect and my own God given knowledge.

So, with the help of my Guides, of the Divine Spirit, and of my Soul, I have gone back to being Spiritual.

Jesus is my role model. My ancestors are my family and protectors in Spirit. Higher Spirits are my teachers and mentors. The Divine Spirit is the source of my Inspiration. My Soul is my Spiritual ear. And as I go forward, step by step, in my unique Spiritual journey, from enlightenment to enlightenment, from epiphany to epiphany, all becomes clearer, and Truth is by my side.

29 Mar 2016



As the light of a new day breaks

A new day, new hope, new life

Start their course in the morning strife

While the moon slowly us forsakes

And my Soul exalts in the thrill

of the vibration of my own goodwill

28 Mar 2016

A light worker’s prayer

Father, Mother God,
How insignificant my words are!
How meaningless my prayers!
I cannot even call You by Your real name
As no human can pronounce
Or even describe You

Fill me with Your Light, as I am empty
These human emotions stunt me,
They stop me from being ME
Anger, resentment, jealousy and many more
Are just a block to my true Self.

Fill me with Your Love, so I can
Know the true meaning of Life.
Make me humble so I can fully
Appreciate my True Nature.
Come close to me and fill me with Your Spirit.

When I feel Your Light shining through me
How I long to always be in Your Grace
How clear I see my Destiny
And my Soul rejoices and shines with You
But then I fall again in this human nature

Give me the strength to be true to how You made Me
Make me see my siblings’ Spiritual Struggle
As I struggle to walk with You
So do they too.
Help me shine Your light like a mirror in the sunlight

Let me help them through their battles
Make me a leader of Souls, so that
I can bring them all to You
And all together we can walk with You
And bask in Your Love.

27 Mar 2016

Easter message from my Guides

Sunrise, a new beginning

"Firstly, we would like to wish you a Happy and Joyous Easter. We are particularly close to you on this very meaningful and important day. 
Many may argue that there is evidence that Jesus was not crucified, and that he was not the Son of God that many claim Him to be. Many other may protest that there is even little evidence that he existed at all. And many more may present many and varied proposition that Christianity is based on erroneous and invalid principles.
As always, life in the incarnate world can be so complicated when reason prevails over intuition, when the written word gains more importance than the thoughts that are divulged by the Divine Creator, and when the limited scientific knowledge of even the present generation is allowed to determine what is true.
All those complaints are irrelevant. The meaning of Easter is not related to the crucifixion, or to the foundation of the Christian faith, no matter of which denomination.
The message of Easter is one of awareness. Life does not end, it simply transmutes.
Death does not exist, what you call death is simply a passage from one state of being to another. As some have correctly pointed out, the chrysalis is not the tomb of the butterfly, it’s simply its vessel to a new existence in a new body, and a new state of being, with new knowledge, and awareness. 
When a butterfly begins its life, it is a mere caterpillar. It can be called ugly in spite of its divine beauty, it has a limited ability to move, and limited knowledge. It is an existence merely based on survival, crawling among the leaves, eating, and growing. That is the human life, the life in the flesh. Concerned with survival, with earthly matters, not able to see much further than its eyes can expand over the horizon.
The caterpillar, through its innate ability to follow through the natural state of things, accepts it, and faithfully prepares its cocoon at the right time. People are not so lucky. They allow their limited earthly knowledge to obscure their spiritual infinite knowledge, and live in fear of what will be after they will enter the cocoon that is their grave.

Like the caterpillar, the pupa stage is short. For the Soul, this stage is the initial stage in the Spirit World. It is the transition, in which they learn, accept, and understand that life has not come to an end. It is also the stage during which each Soul has an opportunity to assess and review their earthly life. This stage can be as short, or as long, as any Soul needs and desires.
At the end of this stage, we are then ready for our butterfly stage. Where we can fly, we can see much further than ever before, we can understand, appreciate, and enjoy our true existence much more than ever before.
Embrace the meaning of Easter, and be joyful. Enjoy your physical life, as the caterpillar does. Savour what you have, and expect even more in the flavourful and joyful life that is yet to come.
Happy Easter."

24 Mar 2016

Reiki Healing and Mental Health

Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows. Get in touch to book your appointment 07440 738 367 or email us

Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows. Get in touch to book your appointment 07440 738 367

Posted by Life of Reiki on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Rules For Spirits and Guides

The Moon and Jupiter

In our lives, we all have boundaries.  These are little rules that allow others to be part of our lives, without intruding.  And these allow us to live our own lives, while participating in the lives of others, and while other play a part in ours.  So, we will teach our children to knock at the door before entering our bedrooms or bathrooms, we let our friends know our working hours, we tell our colleagues not to call us beyond a certain time, and so on.

Similarly, those who have strong intuition, gut instinct, or Spidey senses, which are all psychic information or more developed psychic ability, need to have rules. These are conventions that we set to make sure that spirit does not encroach on our non-psychic life. It is important to have a balanced life because those who don't have a good balance are unable to give proper trust or attention to either aspect of their lives.

For example, in my family my husband and kids all have a guide each apart from me having 6 which means there is a minimum of 9.  This does not take into account other guides and spirits who visit from time to time.  Particularly friends and relations of mine and clients who have passed over who come for a chat.

The rules I have set is that no spirits can go upstairs; bedrooms and bathrooms are out of bounds. No spirit can talk to me when I am healing or chatting to anybody.  They can talk to me in the kitchen or sitting room. If an exception needs to be made, they can always talk to me in my head to let me know they need me, so I can tell them when I will be available.

It must be remembered that spirit are like living people (well, they all have been at some stage in their eternal life!).  As living people, they like to be in touch, they have emotions, they like to hang around.  They are also very respectful!  We always have control.  Our guides will help with this. Guides are there to help and be our friends and will never insist or force us to use our psychic abilities.

So, set your own rules, make yourself available, but keep whatever boundaries are necessary to you to enable you to have the life that you need and want to have.

16 Mar 2016

Explaining Behaviour : Shopaholics

Hope at the horizon

Anyone who heard the term Retail Therapy knows what I will be referring to in this article.  Those who don’t know the term, may still have experienced the pleasure that is given by treating ourselves buying things for our own use and purpose, particularly if we do not need them.

Most people have indulged in some needless purchasing on occasions.  We may do it if we had a hard day at work, if we are upset about something, if we have had some unusual stressful situation to contend with, and so on. 

People with a balanced and fulfilled emotional life will seldom do this, and thoroughly enjoy it.  There are those, however, who constantly crawl from shop to shop, from website to website, from credit card to credit, to support the need they have to shop.

These are people who feel that nobody is going to reward them, so they reward themselves by buying clothes to make them feel better. They have a hope that if they buy this clothing it will feel and look great, or they spend on some furniture, or kictchen appliances, they will be satisfied.

Unfortunately, the underlying reason for their incessant shopping is that they don't like themselves.  so as soon as they try the clothes on and look in the mirror they don't like what they see so get deflated and sad. They put the clothes in the wardrobe as out of sight is out of mind.

As they put the clothes or accessories away they need to buy wardrobe after wardrobe full of things with their labels on. They are so grateful to have friends that they are always trying to buy them. If a friend says that they like that clothing the shopaholic will immediately ask them to try it on and say that it looks better on you so please have it.

User and manipulator friends will get as much as they can wheedle out of the shopaholic by flattering them. Just see how flattering they would be if they were refused! When the shopaholic suggests a night out the shopaholic pays the bill and says it's their treat.

It takes care and love for these people to heal, and after healing they get their confidence back and I advise them to put a price on each item and have a sale at home. Watch to see what friends come and ask if they can have the item for free " as we are friends" and that will show who are real friends.

From the proceeds from the sale including the wardrobes! they can either pay their credit cards off or give it to charity.

14 Mar 2016